Chilean Sauvignon Blanc 6 x 75cl

£53.94 £41.94


Case of 6 (only £6.99 a bottle)

Chilean Sauvignon Blanc 6 x 75cl has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 23 reviews.

Chilean Sauvignon Blanc 6 x 75cl

RRP £53.94 £41.94


Case of 6 (only £6.99 a bottle)


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12.5% vol. 75cl

Wine Description:

This highly refreshing dry white wine delivers an array of tropical fruit aromas and mouth-watering gooseberry flavours. It is a wine to be sipped, nicely chilled all summer long, or taken with a meal throughout the year.

The herbal, tangy qualities of this Sauvignon Blanc white wine are tailor-made to complement all forms of fish and chicken, whatever the cooking method.

One box contains 6 bottles of wine.


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FAQs - (Click On The Question To Reveal The Answer)

  • Q Has this wine won any awards for quality?
  • A Yes, our Chilean Sauvignon Blanc has won the following awards – 2017 International Wine Challenge Commended, 2016 International Wine & Spirits Competition Bronze Medal, 2016 International Wine Challenge Bronze Medal.
  • Q Where exactly is this wine from?
  • A The grapes for this wine come from the Central Valley in Chile.
  • Q What temperature should this wine be served at?
  • A Serve this wine chilled (7-10°C) to ensure that you get the best characteristics out of the wine.
  • Q How long will this wine last once it’s opened?
  • A Once opened, this wine will begin to lose its intensity in a matter of a few days. For any wine not consumed, store in the fridge after replacing the screw cap, this will extend the life of the wine by a few days.
  • Q How should I store this wine?
  • A Wines with a screwcap are fine to be stored standing up. Keep all wines away from bright light (both natural or artificial) and keep at a cool and constant temperature, ideally between 10-15°C.
  • Q Should I decant this wine?
  • A You don’t need to decant this wine, but any wine can be decanted. The reason for decanting is to aerate the wine. A lot of young wines can be tight or closed on the nose or palate. By slowly pouring the wine into the decanter it takes in oxygen which helps to open up the aromas and flavours.