Mini Grand Rosé - Single Bottle



1 X 20CL (£5.99 a Bottle)

Mini Grand Rosé - Single Bottle has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.
Mini Grand Rosé - Single Bottle



1 X 20CL (£5.99 a Bottle)

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11% vol. 20cl

Wine Description:

Now only £5.99 per bottle, this award-winning Grand Rosé

20CL is delivered for Free. What more do you need?

Often referred to as our "Pink Prosecco", this easy drinking Grand Rosé Extra Dry sparkling wine sits equally well for a toast, or to enjoy throughout your entire meal. Made using the same Charmat method as our award winning Prosecco, our Grand Rosé is made with a blend of white and red grapes carefully selected to ensure consistency of colour, flavour and aroma. These grapes are sourced from some of the very best Italian vineyards owned and managed by vintners who have been growing the highest quality product using traditional methods, for decades.

Our Mini Bottles of Grand Rosé are made using grapes from the Veneto region of North Eastern Italy, thereby ensuring this pink sparkler is of the highest possible quality and surely one of the best available within its price point. It is pale pink in colour, elegant with hints of fresh ripe summer fruits, floral rose aromas and has a delicate sweetness.These Mini Grand Rosé bottles are perfect for a party or as a gift.

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FAQs - (Click On The Question To Reveal The Answer)

  • Q Where exactly is this wine from?
  • Our Grand Rosé Vino Spumante is made using a combination of red and white grapes carefully selected from Veneto, Italy.
  • Q What temperature should this wine be served at?
  • A Serve this wine chilled (7-10°C) to ensure that you get the best characteristics out of the wine.
  • Q Can I make cocktails with Grand Rosé?
  • A You certainly can! Grand Rosé cocktails seem to be all the rage and we have a section of our website dedicated to a whole host of mouth-watering recipes. Why not take a look? Our mini Grand Rosé bottles contain just the right amount of sparkling wine to make the perfect cocktail.
  • Q Can I buy Pink Prosecco?
  • A We hear this question a lot. The majority of Pink sparkling wine is made using a blend of grapes. The pink hue of the wine comes from the skins of red grapes used to make them. You can’t get pink Prosecco as it’s made using white Glera grapes exclusively, but you can try our amazingly popular sparkling Grand Rosé. It has more than 500 five star reviews so we’re pretty confident you’ll love it.
  • Q Can I place a bulk order for Premier Estates Mini Grand Rosé bottles for a special event?
  • A Absolutely! We deliver Mini Grand Rosé bottles all over the UK to wedding venues, corporate events and social gatherings of all kinds. Just call and speak to a member of our sales team to find out how we can help make your event even more special.
  • Q What temperature should this wine be served at?
  • A Serve this wine chilled (7-10°C) to ensure that you get the best characteristics out of the wine.
  • Q How long will this wine last once it’s opened?
  • A Once opened, sparkling wine should be consumed within 24 hours.
  • Q How should I store this wine?
  • A Wines with a screwcap are fine to be stored standing up. Keep all wines away from bright light (both natural or artificial) and keep at a cool and constant temperature, ideally between 10-15°C.
  • Q Should I decant this wine?
  • A You can serve our Grand Rosé straight from the bottle into flutes, but any wine can be decanted. The reason for decanting is to aerate the wine, decanting can help a younger vintage open up, calm down the effervescence and let the aromas develop.