Here at Premier Estates Wine, we like to keep things simple because we know that some people can find wine a little too complicated. Our wine experts source great quality wines from all around the globe which are sold by thousands of retailers and some of the largest wholesalers all throughout the UK. Our range includes award winning Italian varietals and a selection of premium, multi-award-winning New World wines from Australia, California, Chile and South Africa. For those who like a little fizz in their life, we also have a range of multi-award-winning sparkling wines including our treble-award-winning Prosecco, Cava and Grand Rosé.

We research and find wines of quality, so that you don’t have to.

Right from the outset of the company, Premier Estates Wine has aimed to deliver award-winning-wines at everyday prices, and that’s exactly what we will continue to do. Keep reading to find out a little more about our amazing journey and how we intend to rapidly progress in the future.

OUR HISTORY - A Tale of Black Cab to Cab Sauv

Premier Estates WineAfter driving a black cab for over 10 years, Budge Dhariwal, the founder of Premier Estates Wine, had fallen out of love with putting the miles in and fancied a career change. The plethora of experience he’d gained through helping out friends and family, led Budge towards life as an aspiring independent retailer and within a few months his off-licence adventure began.

It was during his time running the off-licence that Budge became aware of the frustration felt by his regular customers that he was unable to match the great deals offered around Christmas time by the big supermarkets. These deals left smaller retailers, like Budge, struggling to make the increase in sales he needed in what should have been the busiest period of the year.

As time went on, Budge began to think about how he could break the pattern and realised that if he had a great product that was really good value that you couldn’t buy in the big supermarkets, not only could he compete, but he could also keep his customers happy and, more importantly, loyal.

Premier Estates Wine Owner Budge Dhariwal

After doing some initial research he quickly realised that he couldn’t keep running the shop and put the time required into sourcing the products he needed. So, he summoned up the courage to sell the off-licence and made the all-or-nothing decision to go for it.

Budge began by jumping on cheap flights all over Europe and just walking into major vineries and asking what they could do for him. After a lot of strange looks and a few language problems, a few of them understood what he was trying to do and were only too happy to help.

Budge managed to convince them that there was a huge market in the UK for an independent wine brand and kept beating them down on the price and up on the quality.

After quite some time spent tweaking the wine blends until he was happy, the first bottle of Premier Estates Wine rolled off the production line.

Premier Estates Wine Ad Progression

Some of our adverts from the earliest days of the company up to the most recent

The speed with which the brand took off came as a shock to Budge. All the hours spent researching and planning paid off in style. In what seems like no time at all, Premier Estates Wine was being stocked in thousands of retail outlets and some of the largest wholesalers throughout the UK.

Award Winning WinesAward-Winning-Wines

Whilst sales of Premier Estates Wine were booming, Budge wanted to be able to show that even though our range of wines are available at everyday prices, they are still incredibly high in quality. With this in mind, we started to enter our wines into some of the most prestigious wine competitions in the industry, including the International Wine Challenge, the International Wine & Spirit Competition and Decanter World Wine Awards.

These competitions are blinded tasted by some of the world’s most knowledgeable wine experts. If a wine receives an award at these competitions, then wine drinkers can purchase confidently, safe in the knowledge that the wine they’re buying has been independently verified as a high quality product.

In 2014, we tentatively entered our Prosecco DOC into the International Wine Challenge and kept our fingers crossed. Our team was ecstatic when our Prosecco won a bronze medal.

Following our initial success we started to enter more of our wines into more competitions, at last count we have won 74 awards across our wine range including a Silver Medal for our Prosecco and Cava and a number of Bronze Medals across our entire range.



What Next? Customer Service Excellence

At Premier Estates Wine, we are continually striving to achieve outstanding levels of excellence in all aspects of our business. We are well aware that our customers are our life blood. Without them, we have no business and so our philosophy from the outset, has been to go above and beyond the norm to delight our customers.

When you purchase our products, whether you buy a 40 foot container load or a single bottle, you can expect an excellent level of customer service and, on the very rare occasion when things don’t quite go according to plan, we will promise to do our utmost to put everything right.

The Future

The whole team at Premier Estates Wine have a drive and passion to see our brand grow to become one of the largest wine brands within the UK. We will strive to bring our customers the very best quality products along with customer service that’s second to none.

Our search for great wines from around the globe will continue and we will be launching a few new varietals in the very near future – watch this space…