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  • Welcome to Premier Estates Wine

    Although we have been selling wine online for many years now, our journey began back at the start of the 21st century when the brand was born. Driven by a passion for fine wine and with a keen eye for a good deal, Budge Dhariwal, the CEO of Premier Estates Wine, decided to start his own wine brand.

    His vision was to create award winning wines that would sell at everyday prices. No simple feat in today’s very competitive wine industry and yet, here we are.

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  • Our Sparkling Prosecco has won no less than 12 awards over the last few years and we have 14 more fantastic multi award winning wines available for those who like to buy wine online. These awards have been presented by some of the world’s foremost wine experts at the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC), the International Wine Challenge (IWC) and the Decanter World Wine Awards, where our brand faced some incredibly fierce competition from some of the biggest multi-national wine brands.

    The high regard in which our Prosecco is held amongst our customers and wine industry experts is testament to the huge amount of hard work that our Prosecco production team have put into the refinement of the manufacturing process. From the Glera grape selection to distribution of the finished product, each step of the process is carefully considered and monitored. In order to win awards, we use the finest grapes available and are constantly working on process improvements.

    So, can you expect to be paying premium prices for our online wines? Most certainly not! You’ll find that all our wines are very competitively priced and with FREE delivery on cases of wine or single bottles you don’t even have to pay more for the convenience of having your wine delivered to your door. How did we manage it? Simple. Hard work, determination and a tight focus on customer care.
    Prosecco Perfected

    1) Multi Award Winning

    Our Prosecco has won an amazing 12 awards over the last few years. Our consistently high product quality has been acknowledged at the International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC), the International Wine Challenge (IWC) and the Decanter World Wine Awards.

    2) Highest quality product, competitively priced

    When you buy wine online from the Premier Estates Wine website, not only do you get our very best wine but you also get brilliant value for money.

    3) Made using Glera grapes exclusively

    The grapes that go into our Prosecco are grown in some of the very best vineyards in north eastern Italy that have been established for generations.
    Prosecco Perfected
    4) FREE delivery for a single bottle or multiple cases

    Our online wine sales are going crazy and we have delivery vans on the road all day, every day.

    5) Over 600 5 Star Reviews

    600 + 5 star reviews

    We have a huge amount of very enthusiastic customers who absolutely love our Prosecco.




    Pink Prosecco Grand Rose

    Then you really must try our Grand Rosé…

    Our favourite sensational sparkler, Prosecco, has been so incredibly popular in the UK for a good few years now. The fantastic fizz is lining the shelves at off licences and stores all over the country, and there are new brands materialising regularly...

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  • July 15, 2019 Problem With Your Fizz?

    Enjoy Prosecco

    Try These Brilliant Fizz Fixes

    Hack No 1: Flat Fizz
    It's easily done: you open a bottle of fizz, enjoy a glass, pop it back into the fridge and leave it a little too long. When you remember it, hours or even days later, it's lacking the all important fizz. Should you chuck it away? Absolutely not!
    There's a simple solution. A raisin. Pour a glass of the sparkle-less wine, pop in one dried raisin. The carbon dioxide that still resides in the wine will attach itself to the raisin and then be released back into the wine.
    Abracadabra! Your fizz is fizzy once more!


  • June 18, 2019 Another Amazing Award For Our Sparklers

    IWSC Bronze Award Win 2019

    Our Prosecco & Grand Rosé Win IWSC Bronze 2019

    Here at Premier Estates Wine the team are, once more, celebrating winning some more amazing awards! Our Italian Prosecco and Grand Rosé have been awarded a bronze medal at the International Wine and Spirits Competition 2019!

    We want to demonstrate our commitment to consistent quality of our products to our existing customers and potential new customers and what better way of doing just that could there be, than the winning of new awards year on year? 

  • June 07, 2019 5 Fascinating Facts About The Fizz...

    Fantastic Facts About Fizz

    For Those With An Interest In Sparkling Wine

    Italy has a very long tradition of making extremely high quality sparkling wine. The team at Premier Estates Wine love finding out interesting facts about the history and characteristics of Italian sparkling wine and we also love sharing the knowledge with our customers, so here are just a few for you to enjoy while sipping a glass of our multi award winning Prosecco or Grand Rosé.



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