• October 19, 2016 Christmas Wine - Stock Up On Great Value Wine

    Christmas Wine

    Be Prepared This Yuletide Season

    Looking forward to Christmas parties at work and at home? Are you ready to enjoy catching up with relatives? Longing to indulge in those cosy evenings by the fire with your partner? It’s time to get excited again as the yuletide season rolls around once more.

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  • October 13, 2016 Follow the "Pink Prosecco" Parade
    Pink Prosecco

    The Stratospheric Rise of Our Grand Rosé

    Since we launched our Grand Rosé sparkling wine onto the market a few years ago, we have seen an unprecedented increase in sales, year on year. It seems that the more wine drinkers who discover our amazing "Pink Prosecco" sparkler, the more popular it becomes.

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  • October 07, 2016 RECIPE: Beef & Pancetta Lasagne


    Make it from scratch

    Everyone loves a classic. Lasagne is one of those staples that all the family can enjoy (cheese, meat, carbs – what’s not to love?!). There’s always that temptation to just get a ready-made one from Tesco or use Dolmio sauces instead of making it from scratch. That’s all well and good – we ...

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  • September 29, 2016 RECIPE: Our Red Wine Beef Burger

    Because we can

    Love a good burger? So do we. However, we bet you've never had a burger like this before. Our Red Wine Beef Burger has our Italian Cabernet Sauvignon mixed into the patty, as well as drizzled on top in a gorgeous syrup reduction. The result is a tender, juicy burger that has all the rich flavours that ...

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