prosecco cocktails
prosecco cocktails


Prosecco Cocktails - Our Latest Recipes

Prosecco cocktails are all the rage right now! With UK sales of Prosecco continuing to rocket and showing no sign of stopping, dedicated fans of our fantastic multi award winning Italian sparkler are looking for ever more inventive ways to enjoy their favourite tipple. What better way to enhance your Prosecco moment than by mixing yourself an amazing Prosecco cocktail?

We have tried and tested quite a few fantastic combinations of Prosecco, fruit and various spirits and have compiled the results of our Prosecco cocktail research endeavours here, for you to enjoy at your leisure.

To be perfectly honest, it wasn't actually that arduous a task. OK, we'll admit it, we loved every moment of it! The team fully intends to spend many more hours experimenting with a sublime array of flavours to see what other tantalising taste sensations we can come up with to add to our growing list of Prosecco cocktail recipes.

Bram, our resident cocktail mixing expert, has been busily creating video guides for each of our recipes. If you click on the recipe icon that interests you, you can visit the relevant page on our website and view the accompanying video to make sure you get your Prosecco cocktail absolutely right. Maximum enjoyment of the moment is paramount. We insist!