Getting Creative In The Kitchen With Prosecco

Carrot and Prosecco Bundt Cake

Prosecco As A Dessert Ingredient

We all know how amazing it feels to enjoy a glass of chilled Prosecco at the end of a tough working day, relaxing with your feet up on the sofa. But, here at Premier Estates Wine, we also like to encourage our customers to be creative with their favourite tipple. Prosecco is a wonderfully versatile wine and is a perfect complement to all kinds of recipes, not just in a glass but also as an ingredient in the recipe itself.

Carrot Bundt Cake With Prosecco Icing

Carrot cake is always a winner at any dinner party or just to be enjoyed by the family on Sunday afternoon. This is a super simple recipe with a Prosecco cream cheese icing that will WOW any cake fan.


Mini Prosecco Bottles

mini prosecco bottles

Mini Prosecco Bottles

It is said that happiness comes in all shapes and sizes, in the wonderful world of wine this means both large and small bottles. Increasingly we are seeing more and more demand for our multi award-winning mini prosecco bottles. With their practicality and luxurious look and taste it is not hard to see why they are so popular.

Why choose mini-prosecco bottles?

You don’t have to open a full bottle

Ever have the problem of really fancying a glass of prosecco to unwind after a long day, but you don’t want to open a full bottle as most of it will go to waste? 


A Guide to Valentine’s Day Wine

Valentines day wine gifts

A day for indulging

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it is almost the time of year when those of us who are in love get to spoil our cherished other half and remind them of just how much we love them.

In our opinion, there is no better way to do so than with a freshly prepared meal for two and an excellent bottle of Valentine’s Day wine.

How to Enjoy Your Valentine's Day Wine

Here at Premier Estates Wine, we believe that it is important to squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of our excellent award-winning wines. This is never more important than on Valentine’s Day, because you will be sharing your wine with someone special and you want the night to go perfectly. 


A Guide to Chardonnay

Chardonnay white wine

Did you know that Chardonnay is the second most widely grown grape variety in the world?

There are over 30 different varietals of Chardonnay grown by producers around the world. The grape is a cross between Gouais Blanc and Pinot Noir; researchers believe that the cross-breeding took place when the Romans planted Gouais Blanc in France, where Pinot Noir already flourished.


Buying Wine Online with Free Delivery in the UK

Buy Wine Online with Free Delivery

Everyone loves a great deal; especially when there’s a great time at the end of it, and of course, everyone loves great wine.

Whether you have cause to celebrate or you just need to wind down at the end of a long day at work, our multi award-winning range can provide a mouth-watering touch of decadence that makes your celebration or relaxation really special. So, if you’re in the UK and you want to buy wine online and get free delivery, with Premier Estates Wine you can find your favourite tipple at the right price and have it delivered direct to your doorstep.

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