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prosecco offers
prosecco offers

Prosecco OffersProsecco Offers - Serious Reasons For A Celebration

We all love discovering a special offer and getting a great deal, especially when it’s for something we get serious enjoyment out of, and an awful lot of wine fans love Prosecco. Whether you’ve a reason to celebrate or you just fancy taking it easy at the end of a long working day, this amazing Italian sparkler provides that delicious touch of decadence that makes your celebration or relaxation time really special. So, when you combine the two and find those amazing Prosecco offers, you’ll be in a truly special place.

If you’ve landed on the Premier Estates Wine website looking for the very best Prosecco offers, then you’ve definitely reached your ideal destination. It certainly seems like wine fans the world over are still talking about Prosecco and there has been no sign of a let up in sales for us over the last few years. We are blessed with an amazing wine production team who are dedicated to ensuring that our Prosecco is of the highest quality whilst still managing to maintain its reputation for being great value for money.

Not Just Great Prosecco Offers, Great Prosecco Offers On Award Winning Prosecco

Amazing Prosecco offers are made all the more sweet when you get a great deal on a multi award winning wine. That’s exactly what you get with Premier Estates Wine’s fantastic sparkler and they’re not just any old awards either. Our Prosecco has been entered into some of the most prestigious competitions in the industry and has come away with an award every time. We submitted our Prosecco to the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) and the International Wine Challenge (IWC) which both involve blind tasting of the wines by some of the industry’s foremost experts and sommeliers. The competition for these awards is incredibly fierce and so we were immensely proud to walk away with award certificates for our Prosecco on more than one occasion. There are a huge number of entrants in the Prosecco category and we take great pleasure in telling our customers that the great Prosecco offers they find on our website, are for a product that is accredited by these extremely high profile organisations.

A Little Background Information On Our Prosecco

Not only are we proud of our award certificates, we’re also proud of our production process and the heritage behind our Prosecco. It’s most certainly not a new product to the market and its history can be traced back many hundreds of years. Prosecco is made using the Glera grape variety and whereas most wines are named after the grape variety that they are made from, Prosecco is named after a geographical region in Northern Italy. Sparkling wine made outside of this region cannot use the term “Prosecco” in its name. Our particular Italian sparkler is made using the Charmat method whereby the wine undergoes fermentation in large stainless steel tanks designed to keep the wine pressurised and maintain its effervescence. Glera grapes are better suited to this type of production method than the traditional method of fermentation in the bottle and so the majority of Prosecco is made using this method.

Our wine production team have spent many years tweaking and perfecting the production method of our particular Prosecco and their efforts have certainly been reflected in the extraordinary quality of the final product.

We have an ever expanding customer base of keen Prosecco enthusiasts who benefit from our frequent Prosecco offers and if you haven’t tried Premier Estates Wine’s Prosecco yet, we hope you will join our legion of dedicated fans very soon.

Bottoms up everyone!