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Wedding WineWedding Wine

Award Winning Wedding Wines At Affordable Prices

Planning the perfect wedding celebration is, without a doubt, tremendously exciting, but there's no escaping from the fact that it can also be hard work and usually expensive too. Our team of wedding wine experts are here to offer specialist guidance and some amazing deals on bulk wine purchases to help take the pressure off.

It's safe to say that wine plays a significant part in the majority of UK weddings. There's a glass of Prosecco to welcome each of your guests, a glass or two of red or white to accompany the meal, and possibly a glass to toast the happy couple during the speeches. In short, this can amount to a lot of wine, especially if there are a lot of guests.

You need to be sure that you're spending your money on the right wine and you can't go wrong with our portfolio of prestigious award winning wines from around the globe. We have hundreds of very positive reviews from happy customers to provide you with reassurance that Premier Estates wines will go down well at your wedding.

Wedding Wine

Save On Wedding Wine Costs By Doing The Sourcing Yourself

Very few venues will have access to their own wine company and most will approach a wine import company to buy in wine for weddings. Cutting out the middle man and buying your wine in bulk yourself, rather than leaving it to the wedding venue to organise, can yield some pretty impressive savings on your overall wedding costs.

Some Useful Wedding Wine Tips

Wedding Wine● At UK weddings, research has shown that, during colder months, more red wine is consumed with the wedding breakfast, than white wine. The split is usually around 60% red wine and 40% white wine. During warmer months the split is reversed and rosé wines also become more popular and so you may want to consider including 10% rosé wine with your order.

● A 70cl wine bottle contains between 4 and 5 average glasses of wine.

● A 70cl Prosecco or Cava sparkling wine bottle will fill 6 wine flutes.

● Normally each guest will, on average, consume 2 to 3 glasses of wine with their meal.

The Premier Estates Wedding Wine Team Are At Your Service

Wondering which sparkling wine is best for welcoming your guests? Need to know how best to choose wine to complement the meal? Just need to put the world to rights after a hard day's wedding planning? Pick up the phone and have a chat with one of our friendly wine experts and we'll do our very best to help. If you need some assistance with working out how much wedding wine you need for your celebration, just complete the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can with the advice you need.

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