Premier Estates Grand Rose

Premier Estates Grand Rose

Premier Estates Grand Rosé Spumante

Our highly skilled team of wine makers have perfected the process for producing our particular pink fizz. The result is a wonderfully fruity sparkling wine with flavours of fresh strawberries and red cherries. However, the recipe and exact production details are a secret as is the case with most producers of very popular rosé sparkling wines.

The Story Behind Our Best-selling Pink Fizz

A few years back, when we first started to experience the expanding UK sales of sparkling wine, our wine production team came up with the idea of introducing a sparkling Italian Grand Rosé to our product range. This was partly inspired by the huge number of enquiries we were getting for "pink Prosecco" and "pink fizz" and also by the large number of lifestyle publications, blog postings and social media images featuring ladies and gents in summer wear drinking pink Champagne that we were seeing with increasing frequency.

Our team had already met with amazing success following their hard work on our Italian Prosecco. The sales figures for our Prosecco were through the roof and we were receiving some fantastic feedback from delighted customers who couldn't believe the level of product quality that they were getting for their money. As the production process for Prosecco and Grand Rosé is very similar, and given the obvious UK wine consumer interest in all things pink and fizzy, introducing a great value, high quality pink sparkler seemed like a no-brainer for us.

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How Exactly Is Grand Rosé Made?

Grand Rosé has undoubtedly acquired the nickname "Pink Prosecco" due to the fact that the production process is the same as that used to make Italian Prosecco. A blend of different grapes is used to produce Grand Rosé including Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes along with a few other red and white grape varietals which combine beautifully to produce our distinctive and refreshingly light, fruity sparkling wine. Consistency of quality and taste are important to us and this is probably the most difficult part of the production process with Grand Rosé, due to the grape blending. Grape crops can vary slightly from year to year, in terms of sweetness and acidity, even when sourced from the same high quality vineyard as the previous year and this slight variation needs to be observed and managed well by our team.

The name given to the production process for Grand Rosé is the "Charmat Method". This involves allowing the grape blend to ferment in a large stainless steel tank which is sealed to facilitate retention of the carbon dioxide gas produced by the addition of carefully measured amounts of sugars and yeasts. In contrast to Prosecco which is made exclusively using the Glera grape variety, the Grand Rosé production recipe is a closely guarded secret for most winemakers because of the opportunity that exists to produce a taste and bouquet that is truly individual and recognisable for their particular customer base.

We Have A High Quality Grand Rosé, So Why No Awards?

This is a question that we get asked a lot when we attend shows and exhibitions. We have a quadruple award winning Italian Prosecco and a triple award winning Spanish Cava, but our immensely popular Grand Rosé "Pink Fizz" has no awards at all. So, what gives? Well, it's all about the blending of grapes and the strict rules that govern the top level awarding body entry forms. In order to maintain product consistency, we sometimes vary the percentage of a particular grape in the blend because, as mentioned earlier, different crops of grapes may vary slightly in terms of acidity and sweetness. Our Grand Rosé has a huge fan base which is growing exponentially and we believe that consistently supplying our customers with the premium quality wine that they are expecting is more important to our brand's Grand Rosé than winning an award which requires that the precise quantity of grapes involved in the production process is specified on the entry form. A tremendous amount of effort went into perfecting our Grand Rosé recipe and we're fiercely proud of it. Almost 500 independent five star reviews on our website says it all.

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