• Problem With Your Fizz?
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Problem With Your Fizz?

Enjoy Prosecco

Try These Brilliant Fizz Fixes

Hack No 1: Flat Fizz
It's easily done: you open a bottle of fizz, enjoy a glass, pop it back into the fridge and leave it a little too long. When you remember it, hours or even days later, it's lacking the all important fizz. Should you chuck it away? Absolutely not!
There's a simple solution. A raisin. Pour a glass of the sparkle-less wine, pop in one dried raisin. The carbon dioxide that still resides in the wine will attach itself to the raisin and then be released back into the wine.
Abracadabra! Your fizz is fizzy once more!

Hack No 2: Not Enough Flutes
It's too late to rush out for more glasses: What should you do? Just get your other glassware involved and demonstrate your sparkling wine knowledge. You see, flutes are ideal for making the most of the bubbles, so highlight the "mousse" in the sparkling wine for your guests with flutes. For your friends who appreciate their wine on the next level, give them glasses with broader rims which enhance the aroma and flavour without fussing with the fizz. For your glamorous friends who love a cocktail serve them Prosecco in a cocktail glass so that they can appreciate their elegant silhouette!

Hack No 3: Your Sparkling Wine Isn't Chilled
Oh No! The bottle is a little too warm and the guests will be arriving shortly! OK, no problem, just soak a tea towel in and wrap it around the bottle. Pop it in the freezer and wait for 10 to 15 minutes as the cloth freezes onto the bottle, and speeds up the chilling of the wine. If you have an ice bucket, fill half of the bucket with ice, add cold water and a few heaped teaspoons of salt. The salt lowers the freezing point of the water, so it can get colder without freezing. Give your bottle a little turn every few minutes to speed up the cooling process.

Hack No 4: You've Lost Your Stopper
You've had a good rummage through the drawer but someone's run off with your wine bottle stopper! Here's a neat trick: pop a spoon in your open bottle handle down and leave it in the fridge. When you fancy a Bucks Fizz in the morning, your sparkler will still be sparkly.

Hack No 5: Pop And Save
When opening your bottle of bubbly, remove the metal cage with care and drape a tea towel over the cork. Hold the bottle nice and tight by the base with one hand, point it away from you and grip the cork which is safely under the tea towel – twist slowly off until you hear that tell-tale pop. Your Prosecco won't soak the floor and the dog won't jump out of it's skin!

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