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Pink Prosecco Grand Rose

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Our favourite sensational sparkler, Prosecco, has been so incredibly popular in the UK for a good few years now. The fantastic fizz is lining the shelves at off licences and stores all over the country, and there are new brands materialising regularly. The Premier Estates Wine range includes a multi award winning Prosecco which can be purchased in our online wine shop and we receive so many enquiries every day from customers making enquiries and placing large orders. Interestingly, we receive numerous calls to ask whether we have a Pink Prosecco in our wine range. Sparkling Rosé wines are now commonly being referred to as “Pink Prosecco” and we have a sparkling Grand Rosé wine in our range, also a multi award winner, that definitely measures up to the very best sparkling rosés on the market.

Our sparkling Grand Rosé is also immensely popular with our customers and has no end of very positive feedback comments on our website and on all the major social media platforms from a great number of especially enthusiastic wine fans. A large number of our customers selecting our “Pink Prosecco” are regular customers who have made multiple purchases and have been talking about and recommending our wine when they’re with their wine loving friends. Our sparkling Grand Rosé is also one of the main attractions when we exhibit at one of the frequent UK wine shows.

Our “Pink Prosecco” is a real crowd pleaser. It’s dry with a subtle sweetness and fruity bouquet that’s really refreshing and which exudes tantalisingly tasty ripe summer fruit flavours. It’s always been a winner when it comes to celebratory events such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries over the years, although there is always a summer season sales rise as rosé wines are still considered by many to be a summer wine. As Prosecco wins the hearts of the nation’s wine drinkers, they’re looking for variations on a theme and are coming across our sparkling Grand Rosé as “Pink Prosecco” is now very often used as a Google search term on the internet. There are an amazing 1000 people using that exact search term every month and countless thousands more using slight variations, according to Google.

Wonderful Taste, Wonderful Price

If you should be thinking about purchasing a case of quality Champagne, just take a quick look at the cost of a case of our Grand Rosé; we think you’ll be taken aback at the cost difference and a bargain always puts a big smile on everyone’s face. We’ll deliver to you, too, and there’s no charge for this service. Our Grand Rosé oozes class and elegance, and its premium quality good looks have made it a real hit with sparkling wine enthusiasts searching for a way to buy multiple cases for celebrations and also for large scale social events. A glass of “Pink Prosecco” is a wonderful way to greet your guests as they arrive for the wedding breakfast or the start of a social event.

A Truly Top Class Wine To Enjoy As An Aperitif Or With All Kinds Of Food

Ah! The question of wine and food! Most definitely one of the most admirable aspects of our Grand Rosé is that it’s as wonderful when enjoyed on its own just as it is with hors d’ouvres or a complete meal. Its versatility attracts a large number of sparkling wine enthusiasts as there is no  “acquired taste” issue with this “Pink Prosecco” meaning that it would only really appeal to wine drinkers with certain tastes when it comes to a sparkler. That’s where our Grand Rosé has an edge over other, often more expensive, sparklers such as Champagne or Cava; these are more often a sort of “love it or hate it” experience for many wine fans.

Expertly Blended And Constantly Enhanced by Our Elite Team of Obsessives!

Our Grand Rosé is made in the Veneto region of north-eastern Italy by our hugely experienced team of experts. They truly love their work and are constantly researching improvements of the wine and also of the manufacturing process to bring out the very best characterisitics of sparkling rosé wines making our Grand Rosé subtly different from a white Prosecco. It’s made using the same Charmat method as our Prosecco, allowing the grapes to ferment in giant, sealed stainless steel tanks. Grand Rosé is transferred into bottles and made available for purchase very quickly once the optimum point of fermentation has been reached, to ensure the characteristics of this wonderful sparkler are at their very best. Grand Rosé is manufactured using a carefully measured and monitored blend of the very best white and red grapes from some of the Veneto regions best vineyards to ensure consistency of colour, flavour and aroma, year on year.

The grapes are grown in some truly amazing vineyards owned and managed by expert winemakers who have been producing these wonderful quality grapes using the latest environmentally friendly growing methods, for many, many years. Our team’s eye for the best grapes is what has earned our Grand Rosé its reputation as a high quality wine demonstrated by the fact that it has won many awards at such prestigious wine industry competitions as the International Wine & Spirits Awards (IWSC) and the International Wine Challenge (IWC). These competitions are fierce and there are a great many different wines competing in all categories. Awards are not given lightly and are allocated by some of the industry’s foremost experts. When we win an award like this, it makes our team immensely proud and justifies all of the hard work that goes into the research and production of our wines.

There’s no trend indication that “Pink Prosecco” is merely a phase that will eventually fade away, wine drinkers are becoming more savvy with the aid of the internet, so we’re investing heavily in the expansion of our facilities so that we can keep up with growing demand for our Grand Rosé. We’re confident in the high quality of our product; the daily increase in our returning customer base is most certainly testament to that, and we’d love for you to enjoy it too. Follow this link to our Grand Rosé product page and should you prefer to just try a single bottle before purchasing a case, we can deliver one to you free of charge within 1 to 3 business days.

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