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Pink Prosecco Grand Rose

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It’s official – the UK has gone Prosecco mad. The popular sparkler is flying off the shelves at convenience stores up and down the land and there are newly launched brands appearing on a weekly basis. At Premier Estates Wine, we have an award winning Prosecco available to purchase in our online wine shop and we receive dozens of calls every day from potential customers making enquiries about it. Surprisingly, a great many of these calls are from people asking whether or not we have a Pink Prosecco in our wine range. It would seem that the term “Pink Prosecco” is now being commonly used to describe a sparkling Grand Rosé wine, and that, we can most certainly supply.

Our sparkling Grand Rosé is incredibly popular and has received a great many very positive reviews on our website from some especially enthusiastic customers. Many of the customers choosing to buy our “Pink Prosecco” are repeat customers who are coming back time and time again and are then spreading the word to their wine loving friends. It’s also a real hit whenever we have a stand at a big wine show. Our “Pink Prosecco” is a very pleasant dry sparkler that is wonderfully refreshing and tastefully flaunts its exciting ripe summer fruit flavours. It has previously been a popular sparkling wine for special occasions and summer celebrations but over the last few years, although there is still a slight seasonal purchase volume rise, it has been wildly popular throughout the year. As more and more wine consumers are discovering Prosecco, once they have a taste for it, they’re searching for different variations of this popular sparkling wine and “Pink Prosecco” has become a very widely used search term on the internet with around 1000 people looking for it every month, according to Google.

Great Taste and Great Price

Just try buying a case of good Champagne for the cost of a case of our Grand Rosé and you’ll come up empty handed. We offer free delivery too. Its classy, elegant taste and appearance has made it a hit with customers looking to buy multiple cases for weddings and also for big social events. What better way to greet your guests than by offering them a glass of “Pink Prosecco” as they arrive for the wedding breakfast or the pre-event socialising?

An Excellent Wine to be enjoyed with or without food

Most certainly one of the best things about our Grand Rosé is that it can be enjoyed on its own just as much as it can with nibbles or a full meal. It’s a versatile drink that appeals to a broad spectrum of wine drinkers because there are no extremes with this “Pink Prosecco” that would only appeal to consumers with a certain taste. That’s where Prosecco has the edge over Champagne or Cava, both of which are an acquired taste for many consumers.

Blended and Produced by Our Experienced Team of Experts

Our Grand Rosé is produced in Italy by our vastly experienced team. They are constantly looking for ways to improve upon the production method to enhance all of the features that define a high quality Grand Rosé and make it subtly different from a white Prosecco. Like Prosecco, it is produced using the Charmat method which involves allowing the grapes to ferment in large steel vats. The wine is bottled and sold quickly once fermentation has reached the perfect point, to preserve the freshness and lightness associated with this particular drink. Grand Rosé is made with a blend of white and red grapes carefully selected to ensure consistency of colour, flavour and aroma. These grapes are sourced from some of the very best Italian vineyards owned and managed by vintners who have been growing the highest quality product using traditional methods, for decades.

There’s no sign that “Pink Prosecco” is just a fad that will gradually fade away, so we’re investing in facilities to enable us to keep up with increasing demand. We know we have a great product; our rapidly increasing repeat customer base is testament to that, but we’d like you to enjoy it too. Follow this link to our Grand Rosé page and if you’d just like to try a single bottle before going for a case we can deliver one to you free of charge.


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