• We wish you a Happy World Recycling Day!
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We wish you a Happy World Recycling Day!

We all know that there are plenty of ways to use up leftover wine, but personally, we have never had a problem finishing off a bottle of our wines – they’re all just too tasty! So, instead of bringing you a load of tasty recipes that you can cook using our wines, in the spirit of World Recycling Day, we’ve decided to focus on ways you can reuse the bottles (with one cheeky food hack thrown in for good measure).

Bottled Up Fairy Lights 
Give your bottle a quick rinse with soapy water, leave them to dry fully, then feed fairy lights through the neck or through a drilled hole in the base of the bottle for instant mood lighting.

Peanut or Sweet Dispenser

Wash and drip-dry your bottle. Fill it with your favourite snack and replace the lid to ensure the content stays fresh. If you have multiple bottles and different snacks, fill them up and place them on a shelf to create a quirky display. We would recommend leaving the labels on as this adds an extra design quality but if you would like to remove them, soak the bottles in warm soapy water and rub the labels off.

Olive Oil Drizzler

If, like us, you love a salad or a good plate of Italian food, this is a cute and easy way to jazz up your table. Wash and dry your bottle before filling it with olive oil. All you need now is to add a nozzle, which you can find at most supermarkets. Our Prosecco and Italian Range bottles are perfect for this as they carry on the Italian theme, as well as looking lovely.

Wine Ice Cubes

If you have any, pour leftover wine into an ice cube tray. Carefully place it in the freezer and leave until you wish to add some wine to your stock or any other recipe. This is a great trick as you never have to open a new bottle just to cook with and you always know you have these beauties ready to go. 

Happy Recycling! We would love to know how you get on. Please share your projects with us on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.


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