• Prosecco Quenches Heat Wave's Thirst
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Prosecco Quenches Heat Wave's Thirst

Prosecco continues to grow in reputation within the UK; it’s a celebratory drink that now sits comfortably alongside Champagne. It’s a drink that is desirable for special occasions when only a sparkling wine will suffice; it stands out from the crowd and comes into its own whenever a bottle needs popping.

Don’t be fooled into thinking Prosecco is just a party drink though, in its homeland of Italy Prosecco is highly respected and thought of in a far more versatile manner than it is in the UK. This has led to it fast becoming one of Italy’s most popular wines, which in turn, has spread internationally, with Prosecco now being seen as a true great of Italian wines.

Whilst its year-round versatility is not in doubt, Prosecco really does come into its own when the summer sunshine finally arrives. So what is it that makes Prosecco such a wonderful drink once the mercury starts to rise?

It’s refreshing

It may sound really obvious, but, a good Prosecco can be incredibly refreshing. Chilled to just the right temperature it delivers a stunning light taste with just the right amount of bubbles to stimulate your senses. There can be few better feelings than soaking up the sun whilst savouring a nice, chilled, smooth glass of Prosecco. Why not experience one of the great Italian sparkling wines the way it’s meant to be experienced? 

Summer Weddings

When love is in the air, the Prosecco is usually on ice. We all know that Prosecco is the perfect choice for celebrations, add in a liberal amount of sunshine at an outdoor summer wedding and we have a marriage made in heaven, if you’ll forgive the pun. A good Prosecco will give the big day the decadence it deserves whilst refreshing the guests at the same time. It’s also becoming incredibly popular as an alternative to Champagne, in Bucks Fizz.


The one time of the year when you don’t need an excuse to sit back and relax with a nice cool drink in your hand is when you’re on holiday. As the summer holiday period really starts to kick in and you get that short little opportunity to unwind from all of the stress that everyday life carries with it, remember one of the jewels of Italy and order yourself a nice, refreshing glass of Prosecco.

In short, there are few better ways to enjoy the glorious British sunshine than with a nice bottle of Premier Estates Prosecco at your side, so what are you waiting for? Don’t forget to order your case of our award winning Prosecco – By using discount code SP36 you will receive your case of 6 bottles not for £47.94 but just £36 which includes FREE delivery throughout the UK!

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