• A colourful blend of fruits and aromas
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A colourful blend of fruits and aromas

Quality Rosé wines have always been considered to be fun and easy drinking.  Our South African Shiraz Rosé is no exception. It’s fresh strawberry aromas and red currant flavours never fail to deliver the crisp finish wine connoisseurs enjoy.

How is vibrant looking wine produced?
This type of wine incorporates some of the colours of the grape skin. Just enough is used to give the drink it’s vibrant colour but not enough to qualify it as a red wine. Rosé wines colours can range from light onion skin orange to rich near purple. It all depends on the skin contact, saignee (bleeding off) and blending. Our South African Shiraz is produced with a rich colour of pink rose petals.

Where in the world is this wine produced?
South Africa is a land rich with areas of arable farmland which thrive due to the country's location on the tip of the African continent. The coastal influences of both the Atlantic and Indian oceans give the climate a Mediterranean feel. In the late 1980’s the lush country enjoyed a renaissance in wine production after flying winemakers introduced new viticultural techniques.

Best served Chilled!
Our South African Shiraz Rosé is always best enjoyed cold from the fridge to be enjoyed with food or by itself. Most fans of fine gastronomy recommend serving the wine with salads garnished with fish like salmon, prawns, pasta and soft creamy cheeses. Can you imagine a more perfect way to relax and enjoy the long summer evenings.

An easy drinking delight!
There are many types of wine, some reds have serious dark flavours whilst some whites are extremely dry and crisp. Rosé wines have fruity easy going flavours and our South African Shiraz Rosé is always one to savour.

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