• Wine club, or no wine club? That is the question.
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Wine club, or no wine club? That is the question.

Now don’t get us wrong, we know that there are a number of really good wine clubs out there, and, we know that a lot of people are really happy with the service and the wines they receive. But, is it right for everyone?

We’ve found that a lot of our regular online customers have previously been members of wine clubs as they felt it was the best way of getting discounted wines. However, once subscribed they found the on-going commitment of monthly or quarterly deliveries which were not always that straight forward to get out of, didn’t suit how they wanted to buy wine.

With Premier Estates Wine there is no wine club and there are no subscriptions or membership fees to pay. Our wines are reasonably priced all year round to ensure that you only pay for what you want, at a price you’re comfortable with. Why join a wine club just to get a discount? Buy from our online shop and you’ll get incredible discounts and FREE next day delivery.

So instead of settling for a fixed wine delivery on the first day of the month, why not opt for the freedom of Premier Estates Wine, order your wine whenever you like and order whatever you like. As long as you’re in the UK, order before 2pm and your wine will be dispatched for next day delivery. Shouldn’t buying wine always be this easy?

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