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You can now order a single bottle of our wines and still get FREE delivery

At Premier Estates Wine, we are eager for our customers to discover the wonderful qualities of our award winning wines, so we have decided to offer single wine bottles for sale on our website, with free delivery. We’re confident that you’ll be impressed and that you’ll be more than happy to order a case of wine from us at a later date after sampling a single wine bottle.

We’ve been getting some rave reviews for our wines from all sorts of customers, young and old, in all walks of life, whether they are new to the world of wine or they are experienced wine drinkers who know exactly what they like. We very rarely get a review from an on-line customer that doesn’t give our wine 5 stars and heaps of praise. The majority of customers reviewing our wines then go on to place further orders. It was this amazing response from our customers that prompted us to offer single wine bottle deliveries. We wanted to reach out to as many people as possible and to make it as simple as possible for customers to try before they buy. With the UK apparently turning into a nation of wine drinkers, according to the Daily Mail newspaper where it was reported in 2015 that 60% of adults chose to drink wine over other alcoholic beverages, there are a lot of people to reach out to. Our sales and marketing team did some serious research to see if any of the other on-line wine merchants were offering single wine bottle deals with free delivery and we were surprised to find that they weren’t. With our competitors, you either have to order a case of wine or pay a substantial delivery charge. In fact, in most cases, there is a minimum order price before you even get free delivery on a case. Premier Estates Wine offers free delivery whether you’re ordering a single wine bottle or 10 cases.

Our single wine bottle deals might sound a little crazy to some. A bottle of wine is heavy and has to be well padded and packaged before it can be given to our courier for delivery. The packaging and delivery can’t be cheap, after all. With many months of very positive on-line sales and comments, we knew it was a calculated risk from the outset. When we first started to offer single wine bottle deals we found that many of those customers who were taking advantage of the deal, then went on to place large orders with us. Our existing customers, who have already tried a particular wine from our range, have been trying out different wines. We offer the convenience of delivery to your home and you are able to choose any single wine bottle from our entire range.

Another benefit to our customers has been the ability to send a single wine bottle as a gift to their friends or family. This has also worked out really well for our business; we have received a lot of positive customer reviews and feedback from gift recipients who have enjoyed our wine so much that they have then gone on to order a case from our website.

The quality of our wines and our approach to customer service have been winning us new customers and repeat orders ever since we began selling wine on-line. We keep track of how our new customers find out about us by asking a simple optional question at checkout. Whilst many new customers first encounter us at one of the many shows that we attend throughout the year, we are finding that a great many are referred to us by our regular happy customers.

Why not sample a few different bottles? Our single wine bottle offer extends to all of our wines, both still and sparkling. So, if you normally drink a chardonnay or a cabernet sauvignon, you have the perfect opportunity to try a single wine bottle of our award winning Prosecco, sparkling Grand Rosé or, if you prefer a dry sparkler, our Spanish Cava. Find your favourites and order a mixed case from us.

In fact, we’re so sure you’ll enjoy the wine that you order from us, that we offer a money back guarantee on our cases of wine even if you’ve opened a bottle and have decided that you don’t like it. So trying before you buy is completely risk free. Just pop the rest of the bottles back into the packaging that we used to send it to you. Return it to us and we’ll send you a refund for the unopened bottles. If you have ordered a single bottle of wine but you’ve changed your mind about trying it out, just return it to us unopened and we’ll organise a refund for you.

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