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Follow the "Pink Prosecco" Parade

Pink Prosecco
The Stratospheric Rise of Our Grand Rosé

Since we launched our Grand Rosé sparkling wine onto the market a few years ago, we have seen an unprecedented increase in sales, year on year. It seems that the more wine drinkers who discover our amazing "Pink Prosecco" sparkler, the more popular it becomes. Sparkling wine has traditionally been purchased to celebrate that very special occasion, due to the fact that they have always tended to be substantially more expensive than a bottle of still wine. There’s also the impression of decadence that has always been attached to sparkling wines and the excitement induced by the popping cork and the subsequent fizz.

Striving To Produce The Perfect Sparkling Rosé

Our expert wine making team have put countless hours into the refinement of this rosé sparkling wine. They have worked extremely hard on perfecting the red and white grape blend to produce just the right overall sensory effect. The result is a pink fizz bursting with strawberry, raspberry and cherry bouquets which retains a crisp, dry finish and so eliminates the sickly sweet aftertaste left by some sparkling rosé wines. The often used and currently trendy term "Pink Prosecco" describes our Grand Rosé perfectly. Just like a good bottle of Prosecco, it makes a very pleasant aperitif and an equally wonderful accompaniment for salads, pasta, fish or light chicken dishes.

A Winning Wedding Wine

One area of sales where our Grand Rosé features more and more frequently, is on our customer’s wedding wine lists. Greeting reception guests with a chilled glass of high quality pink fizz is becoming an increasingly popular option. Whilst the more traditional glass of welcome Champagne is on the wane, sparkling rosé wine is enjoying a meteoric rise in popularity as its replacement. We believe this is due to the mass appeal of sparkling rosé; it’s a far more easy going, quaffable drink with a light, sweet taste that many find very appealing even if they are not great drinkers of wine. A glass of Champagne can be a heavier drink which is more of an acquired taste.

There is also the consideration of cost. A good bottle of Champagne can be expensive and so the wedding budget may only stretch as far as allowing each guest a single flute. Our excellent quality Grand Rosé is very competitively priced and so won’t put the budget under so much pressure, allowing you to invite your guests to enjoy a second glass whilst waiting for the arrival of the bride and groom.

With the number of UK weddings rising significantly year on year, over the last 7 years, we are anticipating a further increase in sales for weddings planned to take place in 2017. UK weddings are currently worth an amazing £10 billion to our economy with this figure set only to rise over the coming years. Our wine makers continue to refine the recipe and production method of our Pink Prosecco,  to ensure we offer all our new and existing customers a truly high class wine at an amazingly attractive price.

How Our Sparkling Rosé Is Made

Sparkling Rosé is made using the same method as our Prosecco; the Charmat method. There are subtle differences between the two wines such as the blending of red grapes with white to give our Grand Rosé its subtle pink colour. The pink colour comes from the red grape skins which are allowed to remain in the fermenting wine for a set amount of time to ensure consistency in colour from batch to batch. The grapes ferment in large steel vats which are coated with enamel that is impervious to the acids produced during the fermenting process. Once the fermentation process has reached the optimal time to produce the required characteristics of the wine, it is bottled and distributed quickly.

The grapes which are blended to produce our particular "Pink Prosecco" are sourced from some of Italy’s best and most treasured vineyards whose owners have been growing the highest quality grapes using traditional methods, for a great many years.

The "Pink Prosecco" parade continues to advance and gain momentum year after year. Why not sample a bottle, available for purchase on our website where you can buy a single bottle and have it delivered free of charge, or a case which can be delivered free, the very next day?     

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