• IWSC Silver Win For Our Australian Shiraz
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IWSC Silver Win For Our Australian Shiraz

IWSC Silver For Australian Shiraz

Proudly Presenting Our Silver Medal Winning Australian Shiraz

Once again we have received some very welcome and wonderfully inspiring news, as we go into the weekend, that we have been awarded with another silver medal at the International Wine and Spirits Awards (IWSC). This time, the recipient was our Australian Shiraz red wine and the team at Premier Estates Wine were over the moon!

This award has been won following many months of meticulous research into and detailed refinement of this most popular of red wines. As ever, our ultimate goal is to produce a wine of exceptional quality whilst keeping the cost competitive to give Premier Estates Wine an edge in an extremely crowded marketplace. An IWSC silver medal is an immense achievement and just goes to show the high levels of expertise that our wine making team have achieved.

The International Wine & Spirit Competition is a wine competition which is held annually. The IWSC first ran in 1969 and each year the competition receives an ever increasing number of entries from more than 80 countries worldwide. These awards are much coveted by manufacturers throughout the wine industry.

The Competition follows a rigidly structured and meticulously maintained dual-stage judging process. Initially, wine samples are professionally tasted in pre-poured glasses identified only by numbers and obviously not named. The judges never get to see a bottle. The next stage of the judging process is a detailed chemical and microbiological analysis performed by an approved independent laboratory to verify that award winning products are a true representation of the wine that consumers would purchase and enjoy.

Our Australian Shiraz has won several highly significant awards over the last few years and we are very proud to be able to demonstrate the supremely high level of standards we strive to achieve with our wines. A huge “Well done!” to the team.

Budge Dhariwal, Managing Director, says, ‘A Silver Medal for our Australian Shiraz is immense for our brand, it’s always been a big favourite with respect to sales and we love to be able to show our customers that we respect their decision to buy our wines by continually striving to improve them. We will, of course, continue our hard work with our wine manufacturing in an effort to achieve an ever more outstanding level of quality. It is amazingly gratifying to know that consumers are now viewing the entire Premier Estates range of wines as being of the very highest quality, and we are still able to supply them at a cost that remains competitive within the industry.

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