• Mini "Pink Prosecco" 20cl Bottles Are Amazingly Versatile
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Mini "Pink Prosecco" 20cl Bottles Are Amazingly Versatile

Mini Pink Prosecco

5 Amazing Things To Do With A Mini "Pink Prosecco" 

Since the launch of our mini Grand Rosé sparkling wine 20cl bottles onto the market a few days ago, we have seen an unprecedented demand for it!  It's just as well that we prepared our production team to make sure we could handle all the orders; we did have a feeling it was going to be a real winner with our customers. It seems that the more wine drinkers who discover our amazing "Pink Prosecco" sparkler, the more popular it becomes.

As our Mini "Pink Prosecco" is flying out of the door, we thought it might be useful to offer some advice with regards to maximising your enjoyment of these little beauties:

1) A Great Party Starter

If you're having a celebration of some sort, these mini Grand Rosé bottles are perfect for offering as an aperitif to guests as they arrive. They can choose a bottle for themselves or share one and there are no difficult corks to pop as these little chaps have screw caps.

2) Pop Them In An Ice Trough

You can fit loads of them into a decent sized ice trough and your guests can help themselves when their glasses are running low.

3) Relax In The Evening Or On A Weekend

You don't have to be partying to enjoy a mini sparkler. Imagine getting home from a tough day at the office and being able to reach into the fridge for a glass of "Pink Prosecco". No need to open a big bottle just for one relaxing glass. Tempting huh?

4) Make A "Pink Prosecco Cocktail"

You deserve a very special reward for being so amazing and a Grand Rosé cocktail is a very special reward indeed. Follow this link for some great ideas......

5) Make Someone Special Smile

These mini 20cl bottles make perfect gifts. They're the perfect size for posting, if necessary, or for popping into a little prezzy bag and paying your loved one a visit. If your chosen recipient is a sparkling wine fan then we can pretty much guarantee the smile!

We both know you're worth it so, go on, give them a try:)

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