• Mini Prosecco Bottles
  • Raji Dhariwal

Mini Prosecco Bottles

mini prosecco bottles

Mini Prosecco Bottles

It is said that happiness comes in all shapes and sizes. In the wonderful world of wine this means both large and small bottles. Increasingly, we are seeing more and more demand for our multi award-winning mini prosecco bottles. With their practicality and luxurious look and taste, it is not hard to see why they are so popular.

Why choose mini-prosecco bottles?

You don’t have to open a full bottle

Ever have the problem of really fancying a glass of prosecco to unwind after a long day, but you don’t want to open a full bottle as most of it will go to waste? Unlike spirits, wine doesn’t keep well for more than a couple of days once opened. So if you’ve brought your favourite bottle of prosecco, had a glass one evening and put the rest in the fridge for another day, you will often find that without taking the proper measures the precious fizzy wine can turn flat and unappealing overnight. This can be both a waste of your precious wine and money. The perfect remedy for this issue is mini prosecco bottles. With our mini prosecco bottles, wasting wine and money is a thing of the past as each bottle comes in the perfect size giving you a glass and a half.

They’re perfect for gifts

Our mini prosecco bottles make the perfect gift for a range of occasions. Our cute and irresistible mini prosecco bottles are perfect as valentine’s gifts; why not surprise your loved one with a gift and a personalised note? Our mini prosecco bottles are also perfect as stocking fillers for Christmas as well as birthday presents for prosecco loving friends and family. One thing’s for sure, our mini prosecco bottles are the perfect gift for any occasion.

They’re perfect for cocktails

If you are in the party mood or are simply having a few friends round for a night in, our mini proseccos are perfect for making cocktails with. You can mix just the right amount of prosecco which you need without opening a large bottle. Want to make the perfect Peach Bellini for you and your friends?  Why not check out our prosecco cocktails page for some inspiration?

Afternoon Tea

Our mini bottles of prosecco are also perfect for afternoon tea. Dazzle your guests with our premium looking and tasting mini-prosecco’s. Our prosecco has won 9 awards for quality and its flavour has notes of honeysuckle, citrus, pear and apple, aromatic with a hint of sweetness and a fine delicate finish. Its diversity in flavour make it the perfect complement to a diverse range of foods at afternoon tea ranging from savoury sandwiches to sweet deserts such as cake. Add a splash of decadence to your afternoon.

Everyone deserves a small treat every now and then

Our mini prosecco bottles are the perfect treat to help you unwind and relax after a long day. They come in fridge-friendly 20cl bottles, meaning they chill in next to no time. They come in a handy case of 12 for only £41.88 with free UK mainland delivery, which works out at only £3.49 per bottle!

Why not treat yourself today? Click here to go shopping now.

  • Raji Dhariwal