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Small Bottles of Prosecco, Big Smiles

Small Bottles Of Prosecco


Ideal Christmas Presents

We all have them, those friends or family members who seem to have two of everything and are really difficult to buy a gift for at Christmas. Well, if they should like multi award winning sparkling Prosecco, we have a great idea for you! There is one product that we find is immensely popular with customers and that’s our 20cl mini Prosecco bottles, whether they’re looking to buy a small but classy present, as we sell single bottles, or a case of 12 if you’d like to spend a little more on them. Our small bottles of Prosecco basically contain a decent sized glass of this big favourite amongst sparkling wines, but this isn’t just any old miniature Prosecco, these little wonders contain sparkling wine which has been entered into the International Wine and Spirits Competition, the International Wine Challenge and the Decanter Wine Awards for 2016 and received a much coveted award from each of these awarding bodies.

Not only are you sending a high quality mini Prosecco, but we can also package it nicely for you along with a message of your choice – just select the “This is a gift” checkbox at the shopping cart page when buying online, before proceeding to the checkout.

Christmas Party Miniature Magic

We take many orders throughout the year for our small bottles of Prosecco, which are destined for all sorts of parties and celebrations. At Christmas, we usually see a sharp rise in bulk sales because these mini Prosecco bottles are just brilliant for filling up an ice trough which can be regularly re-stocked during a party. This saves on the requirement for a server and means that your guests can pick up an ice cold mini when they want one, rather than having to wait in line to be served. They have a convenient easy open screw cap but still retain the foil cover which provides the feeling that you’re un-wrapping an extra special Christmas tipple. Prosecco is a great refresher and is equally quaffable as an aperitif before a meal or buffet, or as an accompaniment to the food. Its light, fruitiness tends to appeal to the majority of wine fans, whereas Champagne has a much more acquired taste. A high quality Prosecco is also less expensive than a high quality Champagne, enabling you to provide more for your guests to enjoy, thus keeping the party going for longer!

We can supply mini Prosecco bottles in bulk at a great price and deliver them, at no extra charge, to the party venue. You can either call us and speak to one of our helpful customer care team members about your Christmas party plans or order your wine online directly, through our website.

Low Parcel Postage Costs

One of the most convenient things about our small bottles of Prosecco is the fact that they are lightweight and can be easily and cheaply sent through the post, but they are also very robust as the glass used to make the bottles needs to be able to withstand the pressure of the sparkling wine inside. So if you are unable to meet up with the intended recipient before Christmas, you can still send them a classy little gift without paying a fortune for postage.

Storing Small Prosecco Bottles

It is widely recommended by Prosecco aficionados, that this particular sparkling wine should be consumed whist young and certainly within 24 months of bottling, to maximise enjoyment of the characteristic fresh and fruity flavour. But then, who could possibly hold on to a bottle of top quality Prosecco for that long without being tempted to set it free? You should also store your Prosecco in a cool, dark place at a temperature somewhere between 10 and 15 degrees centigrade. Pop them in a corner of your garage or utility, or if your party venue is storing your mini Proseccos on your behalf, ask them to store them in the bar cellar.

We always have details of the best deals on small bottles of Prosecco on our website and our customer care team are always available if you have any questions about ordering. Get ready for an extra sparkly Christmas!

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