• Sparkling Wine Sales Top £1 billion in the UK
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Sparkling Wine Sales Top £1 billion in the UK

UK Consumers are showing their decadent side
We really love this headline because it means that we are selling more of our Grand Rosé (or “Pink Fizz” as it’s becoming more commonly known) and our award winning Prosecco, than ever before. So, more people are getting to know about our amazing sparkling wine products. It also tells us that the market is thriving and growing at a fantastic rate which bodes well for the future of the UK wine industry. Although sparkling wines are among the highest taxed alcoholic beverages in the UK, about 28% higher than still wine, that doesn’t seem to have dampened UK wine drinker’s enthusiasm for them.

Greater Sparkling Wine production means better online deals
As demand increases, we’re able to confidently manufacture more Prosecco and more Grand Rosé “Pink Fizz”, and so we can offer some great Prosecco deals to our customers in our online store, to go some way towards relieving the higher tax hit that they are taking for buying sparkling wine. A case of 6 bottles of our award winning Prosecco will currently cost you just £39 when using the discount code “LOVE” at the checkout. Our next day delivery service is free of charge too, so there are no hidden extra costs at the last moment. Similarly, you can also pick up a case of Pink Fizz or a case of Cava Brut for just £39, if Prosecco isn’t your thing.

A better deal may be possible all round for the UK
The 2016 budget saw wine duty rise by inflation but the UK sparkling wine industry has the benefit of the assistance of Miles Beale, the chief executive for the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, who is fighting our corner by asking the Chancellor of the Exchequer to cut tax on wine. This would mean that UK drinkers get a better deal and it would also benefit the Exchequer as it would bring in more revenue as was proven in 2015.

We all love a little extravagance in our lives
This fantastic surge in sparkling wine demand has seen sales double in volume since 2012. In fact, last year, UK consumers purchased a staggering 80 million litres of the stuff! That’s enough to fill more than 3 Olympic sized swimming pools. Hmm, now there’s a thought! This amazing growth in demand is mainly due to the increasing popularity of Prosecco which has become the “trendy” drink, whether consumers are out at a wine bar or nightclub, at a social event or relaxing at home. It gives a feeling of decadence as sparkling wine is normally associated with special events such as weddings or landmark birthdays where a little extravagance is often provided.

Although it is clear that the demand for Prosecco is responsible for the buoyancy of the sparkling wine market right now, we have also seen a rise in sales volumes for other sparkling wines such as Cava and Grand Rosé. As we head into springtime and the weather improves (hopefully!), we would expect to see a growth in demand for these products, but it’s been steadily improving year on year for the last 5 years, and not just for Premier Estates Wine, but for many UK based wine producers.

Sales of Champagne are also on the rise and, surprisingly, the UK is currently the number one export market. The last few months of 2015 saw a sharp rise in Champagne sales, although not as much of an increase as sales of sparkling wines which are proving to be more popular than Champagne. The popularity of sparkling wine over Champagne is likely to be due to the lower cost of a bottle of Prosecco, Cava or Pink Fizz and the fact that they tend to have a broader appeal amongst wine drinkers as they are lighter, more fruity beverages than Champagne.

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