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Take Advantage of our Amazing Prosecco Offers

Make Sure You Don’t Run Out

Prosecco sales volumes have been rising rapidly as the word spreads about the high quality of our award winning Prosecco and with the lighter evenings and fine weather on the way we are anticipating a further surge in sales. So now would be the perfect time to take a look at our current Prosecco offers and place your advance order to ensure that you always have some in the wine rack.

Prosecco production is a closely monitored and regulated activity and the overall production volume is limited per manufacturer. The Italian authorities relented recently to allow for the production of more Prosecco due to the rise in popularity during the peak sales period. We are currently manufacturing the maximum amount of Prosecco that we are allowed to, according to Italian directives, so that we can present amazing Prosecco offers to all of our online customers allowing them to make sure that they have plenty in reserve now that the warmer weather is approaching.

A Sudden Rise In Prosecco Seasonal Sales Volumes

One of the main reasons for our seasonal rise in Prosecco sales is most certainly the increase in planned celebrations. Spring and summer weddings are understandably more popular than autumn and winter weddings, as are outdoor celebrations and garden parties. Prosecco is a very popular welcoming drink for these occasions as it tends to appeal to a wider range of wine drinkers and it always seems to instil a feeling of decadence and indulgence in the consumer. Obviously, the Prosecco is being compared with Champagne which is also very popular for such occasions, but Champagne tends to have more of an acquired taste as it is usually more of a dry wine than Prosecco. Champagne is also expensive and when you’re catering for a large number of people, cost is very often one of the major considerations. A high quality bottle of Prosecco is not even close to being as expensive as a high quality bottle of Champagne which means that the money can either be spent elsewhere on the celebration, or your guests can enjoy an extra glass of Prosecco.

Choosing the Right Product From All The Latest Prosecco Offers

The broader appeal of Prosecco when compared with other sparkling wines, such as Champagne and Cava, is certainly viewed by the industry as being one of the major reasons for its current popularity. As always, when a product becomes popular there are a great many companies jumping on the band wagon to take advantage of the possible profits. This means that consumers will see a greater number of Prosecco offers appearing in supermarkets and in online wine stores. Whilst this is great for wine bargain hunters and those looking to purchase Prosecco in bulk for a big celebration, it makes the process of identifying a high quality product a little more difficult as there are so many to choose from.

This was one of the main reasons why Premier Estates Wine entered our Prosecco into the International Wine Challenge (IWC). We knew we had an amazing product due to the feedback that we received from consumers when showcasing our wine at shows and exhibitions around the country. We also have dozens of 5 star ratings and wonderful compliments about our Prosecco, on our online wine shop. An award from the IWC is the most highly regarded award in the wine industry, so it made sense for us to enter our Prosecco where it would be compared with some of the World’s most popular Proseccos. The wines are blind tasted by some of the industry’s foremost experts making recommendations and awards completely reliable.

We were delighted when our Prosecco came away with a bronze award in the 2015 challenge and held its own against products in a much higher price bracket. We were even more pleased when our Prosecco was again given a bronze award in the 2016 challenge.

Now, our first time customers looking for Prosecco offers on high quality products, can buy from us with added confidence. Find out more about our Prosecco here.

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