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Go For Wine Deals - Not Cheap Wine

Does A Good Bottle Of Wine Have To Cost The Earth?

The Premier Estates Wine team attend a lot of shows all over the UK where we can promote our wines and our latest wine deals. Whether they’re purely shows where wine is the sole focus and are just attended by wine producing companies, or shows where a particular event is the focus, such as a wedding show. At these events we meet a tremendous number of people who show an interest in our product. We make a point of talking at length, where possible, to those we meet whilst sampling some of our wine, to find out what the general wine consumer wants out of a bottle of wine. We’re not talking about wine connoisseurs here; we’re talking about average people who like a glass of wine occasionally. One conversation point that frequently crops up is the cost of wine and whether an expensive bottle of wine is really that much better than a bottle of cheap wine. Our advice is always, “Look for the best wine deals, not cheap wine”.

The More Wine You Drink, The More You Refine Your Taste

One of our salesmen, Phil, recounted a tale to the rest of the team on one occasion, to back up this piece of advice. The tale was as follows. When Phil first met his wife’s parents, they would occasionally go out together for meals where they could all enjoy a glass of wine. His Father-in-Law, Tom, whilst not being a skinflint, would always order the cheapest wine on the menu and his reasoning behind this choice was that he didn’t know anything about wine and so he believed that he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a high quality wine and a regular bottle of cheap wine. Wine tends to be expensive in a restaurant as it is usually heavily marked up, and this also influenced the decision.

A Subtle Wine Education Process

So Phil resolved to educate Tom with regards to wine, without being belligerent about it. He would always take a good bottle of wine of various varieties along to his wife’s parents whenever they visited and, over time, his Father-in-Law began to learn to appreciate better quality wine. Phil found that he was making more informed choices when they went out for meals and the wine his in-Laws kept in the house tended to be better quality and not just a bottle of cheap wine from the local off-licence. When Phil quizzed his Father-in-Law to find out how much he’d learned about wine, he found out that Tom was now doing research on the internet to find wine deals on bottles that he and his wife liked rather than just buying cheap wine in the supermarket. The amazing thing was, that Tom wasn’t spending much more than he had previously on wine, he was just spending his money better by finding wine deals that meant he could buy a few cases of wine he enjoyed and by buying wine in bulk the cost per bottle worked out only slightly higher than a bottle of cheap wine in the local shop.

So, there’s the back-up story for our advice. Tom experienced many different varieties of wine through Phil’s gifts and broadened his horizons with regards to wine. He found out what he particularly liked about wine and was then able to use the Internet to find wine deals from lesser known wine growing regions where wine producers were trying to establish their brands and so were offering their high quality wine for sale at favourable prices compared to those from famous wine growing regions.  

Wine Deals on Award Winning Wines

One of Tom’s wine buying principles was to always look for the award winning wines. He maintained that the run of the mill, everyday brands of mid-priced wine all tasted pretty much the same regardless of manufacturer. Tom would look out for wines that had been awarded silver, bronze or commendation awards at the International Wine Challenge, the International Wine and Spirits Competition or Decanter and, while he wouldn’t be spending much more money, he could pretty much guarantee that he was taking a good bottle of wine home with him. Phil, of course, being a Premier Estates Wine employee and advocate, introduced Tom to our range of award winning wines with his favourites being our Prosecco and our Californian Chardonnay.

Browse our online wine shop now and discover our many other award winners across our range. Our customers have written hundreds of very positive reviews of our products and we are immensely proud of all of our wines. See for yourself how Premier Estates Wine offers high quality wines at everyday prices for you to enjoy with FREE delivery within the UK.

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