Recipe: Strawberry, Sage & Prosecco Lollies

It's half term: the sun is out and so are the school kids. If you have some of your own, life has gotten that bit more hectic, but that doesn't mean you can't take the time to treat yourself! If you don't have little ones of your own, well, no one ever really needs and excuse to treat themselves, do they?! We at Premier Estates Wine have teamed up with Natasha Steel, Founder of The Urban Cordial Company*, to bring you some Summer-y adult alco-ice-lollies.

Natasha made her first bottles of cordial from an Elder tree by her allotment. At the time she was working for a consulting firm and needed a creative outlet to escape her boredom. In her first year Natasha squeezed lots of foraged fruits and herbs into 250 bottles, which subsequently sold out in 3 days. She has since left her job in the city, and sources fruits from British farms. Whenever possible, she tries and uses the fruits with the lumps and bumps the supermarkets reject but still taste just as delicious.

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Serves: 6

Summer is here and what better way to enjoy it than with a glass of Sparkling Wine or Prosecco…? Well, an even better way to enjoy the Summer would be to make your glass of bubbly into an edible alcopop! This summer we, at The Urban Cordial Company, are doing a series of alcopops, starting the season with the finest: Premier Estates Triple-Award-Winning Prosecco. Not only are these alcopops delicious, they are innovative, fun to eat, and will win over any crowd coming over for dinner.


What else

  • Ice tray
  • A glass (preferably a champagne flute, but this is not essential)


1. In a normal champagne flute, add 35ml strawberry and sage cordial. Top up with Premier Estates Prosecco (NB: as this is a frozen cocktail you need slightly more cordial as when things freeze they lose some of their flavour). Do this twice as one champagne flute is about 3 mini lollies (when using ice balls as the mould) 

2. Get lolly moulds and place in a fresh sage leaf, a thin slice of strawberry and small cucumber cubes, in the bottom of each, to add some extra summer freshness

3. Step 3: Add a drop more cordial at the bottom of each mould (just a drop because, why not?!)

4. Pour Prosecco cordial mix into the mould. Add popsicle sticks if your mould requires it

5: Freeze until solid

6: Serve :)

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* You can find The Urban Cordial Company at the following locations:


Brockley Market every Saturday

- Sundays at Ally Pally and Queen’s Park

- All Drake and Morgan bars and restaurants; The Ledbury and Brilliant Corners

- Several deli’s including Harringay Local Store, Jones of Brockley and Hackney Fresh. Online at Farmdrop and Craved