• Our Trebbiano is a crisp and simple Italian wonder
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Our Trebbiano is a crisp and simple Italian wonder

When you think of Italy you imagine beautiful landscapes packed with fields of delicious fruits and vegetables. It's no surprise that this warm and passionate country produces some of the world's finest wines.

Fantastic with food or superb served solo!
Trebbiano delivers a dry and crisp palate with a hint of vibrant citrus fruits. This wine is a delight to drink on its own or can compliment a meal. Trebbiano is a perfect partner with white fish with a squeeze of lemon served on a bed of vegetables and pasta or risotto. Another wise choice of food to serve with this fine wine is chicken, we always recommend keeping the flavours on the light side.

What kind of grapes produce this lovely white wine?
Trebbiano is actually the name of the primary grape used in its production. Yellow in colour and high-yielding, the grape is also used to make cognac because the high acidity and subtle tones react well to a good distillation. The species of grape has a fresh and fruity flavour.

Where in the world does this fine wine come from?
Trebbiano can historically trace it’s roots to the Eastern Mediterranean regions and has spread northwards from the Italian peninsula into France and other notable European countries. This white variety is used in many blended wines as well as becoming more popular under its original name, Trebbiano.

Perfect for a summer's day picnic or party!
This classic Italian white wine is perfect way to cool down with friends and family. It’s light aroma and delicate flavour will always be a sure bet with your guests as they enjoy themselves into the warm summer nights. It’s no surprise this popular drink is enjoyed by fans all over the globe.

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