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The Wonderful World of Premier Estates Prosecco

There’s no escaping the fact that Prosecco is becoming immensely popular in the UK. Sales have increased dramatically over the last couple of years with Prosecco outselling both Champagne and Cava combined in terms of volume sold. 

Why the amazing rise in popularity of Prosecco?

Well, there has been a growing trend amongst UK drinkers to choose wine over other alcoholic beverages in recent years and with more wine drinkers spreading the word about how nice a particular drink is, it isn’t really that surprising to see a product like Premier Estates Prosecco being raved about. It’s the combination of the feeling of decadence that comes with drinking a sparkling wine, the refreshing lightness of Prosecco and the attractive price. We all feel a bit special when we’re drinking a sparkling wine because we associate them with celebrations and special occasions. We also associate a good sparkler with extravagance; a decent bottle of Champagne can be expensive. However, not all wine drinkers are big fans of Champagne as it is often quite a dry wine with a distinctive and particular taste enjoyed by many but not all. Prosecco, however, is much lighter and less dry. It also has a much more fruity and fresh taste than Champagne which appeals to a broader range of wine drinkers.

Prosecco has an added advantage in that it is not as expensive to produce as Champagne and that means that a bottle of good quality Prosecco is a lot less expensive than a bottle of good Champagne. 

What makes Prosecco so different from Champagne or Cava?

The fundamental difference between Prosecco and Champagne or Cava, is in the production process. Champagne production is complex and the secondary fermentation part of the process occurs in the bottle. The Champagne may then be stored in the bottle for a number of years before being released for sale according to its vintage. During Prosecco production, which is a more simple process, the secondary fermentation takes place in a large stainless steel tank after which it is bottled. This process variation produces a sparkling wine that has flavours and fragrances of crisp apple or peach; an altogether more fruity sensation. Prosecco also tends to be bottled and released for sale far more quickly than Champagne, which results in a lighter and fresher drink.

Where does Premier Estates Prosecco come from and how is it produced?

Premier Estates Prosecco comes from the Veneto region of North Eastern Italy. This region produces the very best Prosecco due to the particular soil composition in this area. Also, hills that are constantly exposed to sunlight, regular light rain and a consistent temperate climate between April and October and marked temperature changes in ripening season, combine to grow the perfect Prosecco grape.

Prosecco is mostly made exclusively using Glera grapes grown in the Conegliano and Valdobbiadene areas of the Veneto region. The subtle differences between brands of Prosecco are due to the particular growing conditions of the Glera grapes used to make it. Grapes grown in vineyards on higher slopes are synonymous with more intense flavours as the vine roots have to delve deeper into the ground to find water and the deeper soil is richer in minerals. Grapes grown on gentler slopes produce a Prosecco that is more subtle and smooth.

 Our Prosecco is produced using a method developed by a Frenchman named Eugène Charmat and called, rather predictably, the Charmat method. This process basically speeds up the fermentation process through the use of large steel tanks rather than allowing fermentation to occur in the bottle. The steel tanks are coated on the inside using a vitrified glaze which is resistant to the acids in the fermenting wine. The carbonation of the Prosecco occurs biologically following the decomposition of sugar from yeasts which are added to the wine. The length of time that the Prosecco is kept in the tank affects the subtleties of flavours and textures within the wine – this time period can be from 20 days up to 6 months.

Where can I buy Premier Estates Prosecco?

Our company ethos states that we are an independent wine producer who supports independent wine stockists, so you can find our Prosecco in most licensed, independent high street shops and most symbol group stores throughout the country. You can also find our Prosecco for sale by the case in some of the UKs largest cash and carry stores such as Bestway and Booker.

Of course, if you don’t mind waiting a few days for your Prosecco, you can purchase it through our website. We can provide you with cases of 6 bottles of Prosecco, delivered at no extra cost, and we can also send a single bottle of Prosecco, again, free delivery. We always have various discounts and deals available on our website so it pays to check back frequently to see what’s on offer.

Can I sample your Prosecco before I buy some?

Come and see us at one of the many shows that we attend throughout the year. You can find the details of our next show on our calendar page. We are constantly attending shows all over the UK and will no doubt be at an exhibition venue near you soon. We offer tastings of our whole range of wines and there are always deals to be had on the day.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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