• Just what makes the best prosecco?
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Just what makes the best prosecco?

The Best Prosecco

If you’re a committed wine drinker then you will probably be well aware of just how popular Prosecco is, currently, in the UK. Everyone seems to be enjoying this easy drinking sparkling wine, whatever the season. We believe it’s a combination of its mass appeal, as Prosecco tends to be less dry and more fruity than Champagne or Cava, and its price; a decent bottle of Prosecco costs less than a decent bottle of Champagne. Whilst this is great for us here at Premier Estates, in terms of Prosecco sales, it also means that our competitors are all hoping to get a piece of the action by starting to produce their own branded Prosecco products as well. So, how do we stand out from the competition and tell consumers that we have one of the best Prosecco brands on the market?

Producing the best Prosecco product that we can

Our vintners have many years of experience in the production and refinement of our range of wines. They work tirelessly with each of our products to ensure that the production process used, results in the best possible product, made in the most efficient way. Each of our wines is produced using slightly differing techniques and different types of grape and, while Premier Estates Wine don’t specialise in just one type of wine, we have a level of expertise within our team that allows us to diversify and produce an exceptional product of each type within our range. Over the years, our Prosecco brand has received just as much attention as all of our other products and we know how to get the best Prosecco out of the ingredients that we source whilst still offering the best possible value product for consumers. Prosecco is made almost exclusively using Glera grapes, although there are some varieties that are made by blending in a small amount of other grape varieties, such as Chardonnay grapes, to produce slightly differing flavours and levels of sweetness or dryness.

We source our Glera grapes from Valdobbiadene in the Veneto region of North Eastern Italy. This beautiful little town is right at the heart of the best Prosecco producing area in Italy. Glera grapes grown in this region and Prosecco produced here, are subject to a strict set of guidelines established by the local wine production authorities in order to maintain the high quality of Prosecco on the whole.

We use the Charmat method to produce our Prosecco whereby the fermentation of the Glera grapes and added ingredients such as yeast, which promotes the fermentation process, takes place in large stainless steel containers. These containers are coated with a special glaze that is resistant to attack by the acids in the fermenting grapes. Once bottled, our Prosecco is distributed and sold quickly in order to allow our customers to benefit from the freshness and subtle fruitiness of our best Prosecco.

Telling the World about our Prosecco

Having put so much effort into producing the very best Prosecco that we can, we thought that it was important to let the World know all about it. Rather than just expecting consumers to take us at our word with regards to the high quality of our product, we decided to present our Prosecco to a highly respected authority in the wine world, the IWC, to see what they thought. The International Wine Challenge, or IWC, is regarded as the World's best and most meticulously judged wine competition.  All wines are assessed blind and each wine is judged on its faithfulness to style, region and vintage. In short, there is no better recommendation for a product than through the IWC.

We had bags of confidence in our Prosecco as it was already heavily in demand and flying off the shelves at all of our stockists, and in 2015 and 2016 our Prosecco was awarded a bronze award by the IWC. The competition in the Prosecco section was incredibly fierce with a whole raft of amazingly high quality products from the World’s best Prosecco producers competing for the coveted gold, silver and bronze awards. This was a wonderful moment for the Premier Estates Wine team; to have all of our hard work acknowledged by such a high profile organisation is immensely satisfying. We know we have a great product and if some of the World’s foremost experts are in agreement, then surely you owe it to yourself as a Prosecco fan to give it a try? Go on, you know you want to!

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