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Take advantage of FREE delivery on all cases of wine ordered online

“Free delivery” may be a commonly used term nowadays with ever increasing online sales figures for most retailers, but it’s only usually available for small, light items. You certainly wouldn’t normally expect to be able to buy a case of 6 bottles of wine on-line and then get them delivered to your home with no extra charge, but then maybe you haven’t yet discovered the Premier Estates Wine website. That’s exactly what you can expect from us. Whether you order 1 case or 10 cases we will provide a free wine delivery for all of our customers.

Even though we’ve been offering this service for quite a while now, we still regularly get phone calls asking, “Do you really deliver wine for free?” and we also get a great number of reviews praising our wine and our free wine delivery service. We take great delight in proving that there isn’t a catch, either. Just because we’re offering free wine delivery it most certainly doesn’t mean that you are settling for a product that is inferior in some way, to products offered by our competitors. Quite the opposite, in fact, and you don’t just have to take our word for it. Many of our wines have won awards at the International Wine Challenge (IWC) which is the World’s most prestigious and highly regarded awards ceremony for wine. Our Prosecco won bronze awards in 2015 and 2016, this award came all the more sweetly to us considering the huge amount of competing Prosecco brands that have appeared on the market following the recent amazing rise in the popularity of Prosecco amongst UK wine consumers.

Offering our customers a free wine delivery service is all part of our master plan to build up a large database of happy, repeat customers. By offering this superb service to complement our high quality wines, we’re aiming to stand out from the competitors and in an industry that’s as competitive as ours, companies have to stand out if they want to be noticed. We’re also very keen for consumers to try our wines and then tell all their wine drinking friends about us. A large proportion of our current business growth has come about through word of mouth which proves how powerful free wine delivery can be as an incentive, when used as a marketing tool.

It provides a wonderful boost for our marketing team when we see so many positive reviews coming in because people have been so pleased with the quality of our wines and amazed by how quickly we were able to deliver them. Here are some great examples:


“Everything from the web page to the fast delivery and the taste was first class, would definitely order from you again. Thank you.”

“Delivery amazing, ordered in the afternoon and received the next morning.”

“One always takes a chance when buying on line and not being able to sample the wine but this bubbly was such excellent value for money "£36 for 6 bottles plus free delivery I felt it was worth risking it. I was so happy with the taste that I ordered another 6 bottles straight away!”

“Dry, nice colour, lots of bubbles, tasted good too!”

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! The nicest bubbly I have had in a long while - even better than Champagne and brilliant value - plus free delivery to your door with the quickest customer service! What could be better! Get it ordered you will not be disappointed.”


Our ultra-reliable, free wine delivery service is brilliant if you need your wine quickly then the hundreds of positive customer reviews on our website will give you the reassurance that you need when buying wine on-line as you are unable to taste it before you buy. If you’re buying wine for a celebration or a party, you know that your guests will be impressed and it’s one less thing to worry about when you’re making the arrangements.   

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