• The Advantages of Buying Your Wine Online
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The Advantages of Buying Your Wine Online

Buying wine on-line, the easy way…

We all know that modern life is expensive and most of us spend a fair amount of time looking for ways in which we can continue to enjoy our hard earned money, but get more of the things we enjoy whilst spending less. Buying your wine on-line, instead of in a supermarket, is one way in which you can save money but still enjoy what you spend. Most consumers are well aware that if you buy in bulk, then you usually receive a discount over the price of a single item. It’s no different with wine and you only need to check out the Premier Estates Wine website to see what great savings you can make by purchasing our wine on-line, by the case. A case contains 6 bottles of wine and you can have it delivered to your home at no extra charge for UK addresses.

The Premier Estates Wine Online Shop has Low Overheads and Low Prices

High street shops have overheads that they have to account for and, therefore, buying wine in your local off licence or convenience store will be more expensive. The extra costs mount up if your household consumes several bottles over the course of a week or if you need to buy wine by the case to cater for a family celebration or event. Buying wine online saves you the effort of having to make the trip to the shop and then carry heavy wine cases to the car or home with you on the bus. Our on-line wine shop has minimal overheads and we can pass that saving on to our customers in the form of amazing discounts when buying wine on-line by the case. The cherry on the top is the free delivery on all cases, saving you the effort of transportation. We bring your wine to your door.

Money Back Guarantee

It is of the utmost importance to us that any customer buying our wine online is completely happy with their purchase. We have a huge number of repeat customers and our website has dozens of very complimentary reviews about each of our wines, but we acknowledge that not everyone’s taste is the same. If a new customer should buy a case of wine and then decide that they would prefer another varietal, we will come and fetch the remaining sealed bottles at no extra charge to the customer and we will refund the cost of the unopened bottles. We want to make buying wine online through our website as risk free and as pleasant an experience as is possible.

Free Delivery on Single Bottles of Our Award Winning Wines

We have a huge amount of confidence in the quality of our products and so we submitted our Prosecco, Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, Australian and Californian Chardonnay and South African Chenin Blanc to the International Wine Challenge. We were very pleased and very proud to receive awards for all of them. If you would like to test one or more of our wines before buying a whole case, we can send you single bottles and we’ll deliver them free of charge in the UK. We’re the only on-line wine merchants offering this service at the moment and we’re seeing some very encouraging results from doing so. A great number of customers who have bought single bottles from us have then gone on to place orders for cases of wine and a significant number have also become repeat customers.

Your On-line Orders Help Us to Provide Brilliant Offers and Discounts

The really fantastic thing about selling wine on-line is how easy it makes gathering customer data and statistics. We can see very quickly, exactly what sort of volumes of the different varietals we are selling and which customers are placing regular orders for the same product. This enables us to tailor our production facilities to make sure that we can always provide great offers and discounts where they are most appreciated by our customer base. So, it pays to buy our wine on-line in more ways than one; the more wine you buy, the easier it makes it for us to offer on-line wine deals.  

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