• Our Prosecco Sales Are Going Crazy!
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Our Prosecco Sales Are Going Crazy!

Premier Estates Italian Prosecco Sparkling Wine

An Unprecedented Sales Surge

Right at the outset of the Premier Estates Wine brand we set our sights high for our Italian Prosecco because we knew we had an outstanding product that we could offer at a price where our competitors would really struggle to match our product quality. But even we were staggered by the rate at which the orders came flying in from all over the UK and continue to do so. It really is no exaggeration to say that our Prosecco sales are going absolutely crazy. Over the course of a single year, we saw an unbelievable sales increase of just under 600%, our managing director Budge Dhariwal said, “We knew that sales would be good as we had such a top quality product, but we never expected the incredible surge in demand that we are still experiencing. It’s only thanks to our amazing production and logistics teams that we were able to cope with the requested sales volumes. The phones are literally ringing off their hooks and online orders through our wine website have gone through the roof.”

This stratospheric sales boost meant that we could eagerly plough some serious funds back into the on-going refinement of our Italian Prosecco and expand our team of experts, drawing in some amazingly dedicated and knowledgeable team members from within the industry.

How Did We Manage It?

Well, very rarely are these things down to pure luck. More often than not outrageous success arrives off the back of huge risks. The risk taken by Premier Estates Wine was in the initial funding of the production of our Italian Prosecco, but it wasn’t a blind or foolhardy risk. We knew that we had an outstanding team of wine production experts and we sourced our Glera grapes from some of Italy’s finest vineyards when the crops were of the highest quality. We would have had to have dropped the ball catastrophically to have failed.

Monitoring UK Wine Drinker Preferences

Sparkling Prosecco had been steadily gaining popularity and our industry experts had been closely watching this sales increase with great interest. UK wine drinkers were quite obviously looking for a sparkling wine which catered for that feeling of decadence that comes with drinking Champagne but, without the expense and the somewhat narrow appeal. Premier Estates Wine’s Italian Prosecco is a much lighter and less dry sparkling wine than Champagne and its fruity, uplifting flavours and bouquet have  a much broader appeal amongst wine drinkers. We also observed that sales of our sparkling Grand Rosé, affectionately known to many of our repeat customers as “Pink Prosecco”, were also on the increase along with our still rosé wines and Chardonnay white wines. This indicated a preference for fruity wines on the sweet side of dry.

Aiming High

Whilst the Premier Estates Wine team were on a high watching this fantastic Prosecco sales surge, we considered the potential of going out on a limb and submitting our Prosecco for some industry awards, following the receipt of hundreds of glowing reviews from our online wine customers. We chose to submit our product to the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) and the International Wine Challenge (IWC). These two awarding bodies are very highly regarded in the industry as all wines are blind tasted by acknowledged and accredited industry experts. The competition is fierce and products are submitted from many multi-national wine making companies with hundreds of combined years of experience. It was with a huge amount of satisfaction that we accepted awards from both bodies. The hard work paid off and when we announced that our Prosecco had won these awards, this only served to fuel the sales boost even further.

Where Next For Premier Estates Wine’s Italian Prosecco?

Well, with such fantastic UK sales of our Prosecco and an ever-expanding customer base, world domination doesn’t seem that unlikely! We’re still sourcing top quality grapes and are constantly refining our recipe and manufacturing process and facility. By wisely re-investing our profits back into the business we will be looking to expand and to continue our refinements that give our Prosecco “the edge” over our competitors.  

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