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Top Five Most Popular Wine Varietals at Premier Estates Wine

Top 5 Bestselling Wines

Award Winning Bestsellers

Premier Estates Wine has been in the industry for many years now and over that time it’s been interesting to see how the preferences of our ever-growing customer base have changed. Our top 5 bestselling wines are all products that we have offered since the brand’s infancy and they are all well-known wine varietals but several of them were not always quite so popular in terms of sales volume and have actually very quickly shot up the rankings as it were. They do, however, very closely reflect the general preferences of wine drinkers throughout the UK.

No.5 – Sparkling Cava

When the huge surge in demand for sparkling wine began a few years ago, the Premier Estates Wine production team saw the potential for increasing popularity of other sparkling wines. They put a significant amount of effort in to the refinement of our Spanish Cava sparkling wine to get those sharper citrus and apple tones to really stand out for those wine drinkers who prefer a more dry, crisper sparkling wine than Prosecco. Spanish Cava is another popular alternative to Champagne, not just because of its generally lower price but also because of its broader appeal. Our Spanish Cava is yet another of our award winners having picked up a silver award at the Decanter Wine Awards for 2016. This was another amazing and much celebrated achievement for our team because we have yet another sparkling wine that is reasonably priced but of very high quality.

No.4 – Californian Cabernet Sauvignon

Another universally popular choice when it comes to red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon is produced in huge quantities all over the world as the grape is so easily grown in temperate climates. Growing the highest quality Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, however, is another matter. Our Californian Cabernet Sauvignon is made exclusively using grapes sourced from the vineyards of some of California’s oldest and most experienced growers. This is reflected in our 2016 Decanter Wine awards recognition for this fruity, decadent red wine. This tannin rich, juicy red berry flavoured wine is great with red meat dishes, curries and cheeses and is another of our fantastic bulk sellers when it comes to customers sourcing wine for largescale events.

No.3 - Californian Chardonnay

Our white wines have traditionally outsold our red wines but, again, this reflects UK wine consumption on the whole. Chardonnay is another popular white wine varietal that has been familiar for many hundreds of years. Premier Estates Wine’s Californian Chardonnay is a real crowd pleaser that pairs well with just about any food variety, even red meat dishes if you’re a wine drinker who prefers white wine to a red. This particular white wine is a big seller for us when it comes to bulk ordering for weddings and other large events as it’s so universally popular. It’s also another of our multi-award winners which has come out ahead of wines in a much higher price bracket. When we have taken our Chilean Chardonnay to events such as The Good Food Show or The National Wedding Show, those who have sampled our wine have expressed their surprise at the amazing quality of the wine when considering the price bracket that the product sits in.

No.2 – Chilean Sauvignon Blanc

South American wines have also been steadily increasing in popularity worldwide, over the last few years. Americans are now drinking more wine than the French, and in the UK, wine is overtaking beers, lagers and ciders as the most popular alcoholic beverage. Our Chilean Sauvignon Blanc has always been one of our top sellers as Sauvignon Blanc in general is a well-known and versatile wine varietal. Sales have also undoubtedly been assisted by the fact that our Chilean Sauvignon Blanc is a triple award winning wine with IWSC and IWC awards for 2016 and 2017.

This wine is a dry white with an array of tropical fruit aromas and juicy gooseberry flavours. It suits those who prefer a dry, slightly more acidic wine with strong fruit flavours. It accompanies fish and chicken dishes perfectly but is equally enjoyable on its own when relaxing after a hard day’s work.

No. 1 – Italian Sparkling Prosecco

Ever since the early days of Premier Estates Wine, our Italian Sparkling Prosecco has been an amazingly popular product but even we were taken by surprise at the stratospheric sales increase since 2012. We knew we had a very high quality Prosecco from the outset because our winemaking team had put some serious time and effort into perfecting the product, whilst maintaining its selling price point. We first entered our Prosecco into the extremely prestigious International Wine & Spirits Competition *IWSC) and International Wine Challenge (IWC) in 2016 and were immensely proud when our product won a bronze award at both. Given the extremely high standard of the competition and the sheer number of competing products, a bronze award was an incredible achievement and is testament to the quality of our Prosecco.

Over the years we have received a huge amount of feedback about our Prosecco from our customers and have well over five hundred 5 star reviews on our website alone. The general consensus is that it’s a light, fruity sparkling wine with the perfect balance of sweetness and dryness. Our customers are equally happy to drink our Prosecco as an aperitif or with light evening meals of pasta, white meat or fish. It’s also becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional Champagne at UK weddings. Wedding guests seem to prefer its lightness and the fact that it is generally less of an acquired taste than Champagne which can be quite dry with a strong flavour and bouquet.

So, there you have it, our current top five bestselling wines. We’re not expecting any drastic changes to this list over the next 12 months but our sparkling Grand Rosé, often referred to as “Pink Prosecco” is nipping at the heels of the Cava and so we could very well see our top five bestselling wines list featuring 3 sparkling wines.

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