• Get Ready For A Pink Summer
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Get Ready For A Pink Summer

Pink Summer Rose Wine

Pink is in! Enjoying A Refreshing Glass Of Summer Rosé

A quick glance at the weather forecast for the next couple of months will reveal that wonderful weather is expected for the vast majority of us in the UK. It’s looking like a good year to spend your summer holiday on home soil and we think you should definitely be enjoying a refreshing, chilled glass of rosé wine in the garden. Whether you’re entertaining guests with a back garden barbeque or just putting your feet up in a deck chair under a parasol after a hard day’s work in a hot office, there’s nothing quite like the extra little added sweetness of a high quality rosé to tantalise the taste buds and melt away the tension.

Rosé Wine Is Definitely In Fashion This Year

Rosé wine always sees a rise in popularity at this time of year, but this year in particular it is proving to be a lot more popular than in previous years with sales increasing enormously compared with white and red wines, although overall wine sales are rising year on year as well.

We believe the rise in popularity of rosé wine is largely due to producers introducing new wines to the marketplace that cater for a wider spectrum of wine drinkers. Our rosé wine team have been working especially hard recently, on the perfection of Premier Estates Wine’s rosé offerings. Their diligence has paid off over the last couple of years, with our rosé wines winning awards from some of the wine world’s most highly respected organisations.

Rosé Wine Varietals From Premier Estates Wine

We have carefully selected grapes from some of the best vineyards in Italy, South Africa and California to go into our rosé wines. Maintaining the consistency of flavour, bouquet and colour is tricky when making a rosé wine but our expert team have it down to a fine art.

Sparkling Italian Grand Rosé

This wildly popular sparkler is often referred to as our “Pink Prosecco” by many of our customers. It is made using the same Charmat method as Prosecco but with a blend of red and white grapes to get the subtle pink colour. The grapes are sourced from the Veneto region of North Eastern Italy where the majority of Prosecco grapes are grown in Italy’s finest vineyards. This Grand Rosé has a delicate sweetness, hints of fresh, ripe summer fruits and floral rose aromas. It’s a great aperitif if you’re entertaining or just relaxing in the sunshine, but it also makes a great accompaniment to salads, light pasta dishes and white meat dishes.

Italian Pinot Grigio Blush

This still Italian rosé wine is also made with grapes from the Veneto region of North Eastern Italy just like our Grand Rosé. Of course, the manufacturing process for still wines and sparkling wines is very different and so we end up with two equally appealing but subtly different wines. Our Italian Blush has the characteristic crispness of a pinot grigio but with a subtly enhanced sweetness, ripe cherry aroma and flavours of strawberry. This wine pairs wonderfully with lightly spiced food, so if you’re enjoying some chicken tikka from the barbeque, we certainly recommend giving this one a try.


South African Shiraz Rosé

This multi award winning wine is made using grapes from the beautiful vineyards of the Breede River Valley in South Africa. The Shiraz grape is primarily a red wine grape but is often used to make rosé wines. It is a hardy vine plant that thrives in sun-kissed, well irrigated vineyards and rosé wines are produced from these grapes by simply removing the skins from the juice once they have been crushed, at a far earlier point in the manufacturing process than for a red wine. The subtle pink colour comes from the limited juice/skin contact and the wine retains some of the complex, fruity qualities of a shiraz red wine whilst also having the fresh, crispness of a quality rosé. It is a medium bodied wine with fresh strawberry aromas and redcurrant flavours which are the perfect complement to salmon, salad or pasta dishes. It is also a wonderful accompaniment to soft creamy cheese if the cheese board is coming out at the end of your meal.

Californian Zinfandel Rosé

This particular rosé wine is another big favourite of our customers and zinfandel wines in general do have a mass appeal due to their tendency towards fruity sweetness rather than being a dry rosé. Our Californian Zinfandel rosé is made from grapes sourced from the world famous and well renowned Sonoma County. It’s the perfect wine to enjoy with just about any sort of meal and especially with a barbeque on a long, hot summer’s evening.


Just as with whites and reds, rosé wines vary in flavour and bouquet, sometimes quite drastically. Premier Estates rosé wines cover preferences from dry to sweet and we also have our sparkling Grand Rosé in the range for those who love that sense of indulgence and celebration that comes with a popping cork. Should you have any questions with regards to our range of wines, please feel free to call and chat with one of experts.
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    Abbas Shah