• Prosecco Slushies – Cool down and chill out
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Prosecco Slushies – Cool down and chill out

The Perfect Way To Beat The Heat This Summer

It’s wonderful to see the sun shining so beautifully on the Premier Estates Wine office; it puts everyone in a great mood. But what’s that? “It’s SO HOT!”, we hear you cry. Well, our specialist sparkling wine enjoyment team has the perfect solution to help you cool down and chill out …

Prosecco slushies!

What better enhancement could there possibly be to relaxing in front of the TV or doing a little garden appreciation after a very long, very warm day in the office, than an ice cold glass of Prosecco with an icy, fruity embellishment?

As Prosecco is such a wonderfully decadent yet light and refreshing wine, it makes the perfect base for experimenting with cocktails. In this instance we will concentrate on fruity cocktails with plenty of crushed ice. We have 3 suggestions for you below, but there is absolutely no reason at all why you shouldn’t blend the Prosecco and crushed ice with your particular favourite fruit. It’s such a versatile sparkling wine and we wholeheartedly encourage you to get experimental with your fruit!

Our Prosecco Slushie Suggestions

Strawberry Prosecco Slushie - What you need:

A few handfuls of fresh, de-leafed strawberries

- A little honey

- A splash of orange juice

- Strawberry slices

- Premier Estates Prosecco

Pop the fresh strawberries into a blender, add a spoonful of honey to counter the sharpness of the strawberries. If you have an ice crusher, it’s probably best to crush large ice-cubes before putting those in the blender, but if your ice-cubes are small just pop them straight into the blender. Top up with Prosecco. The amount of Prosecco you put in will depend upon your preference and just how tough your day at work was!

Blend the mixture and pour into a tall glass. Add a couple of strawberry slices to the edge of the glass to garnish.


Mango Prosecco Slushie – What you need:

- Frozen mango chunks or fresh mango chunks and crushed ice

- A splash of grenadine

- Lime juice for a little added zing

- A sprig of mint and a lime slice

- Premier Estates Prosecco

Add the fresh/frozen mango to your blender and put in a little crushed ice if necessary. Add the grenadine and a little lime juice for the citrus zing. Top up with Prosecco and whizz it all up. Pour into your tall glass and add your mint leaf and lime slice to garnish.

As the flavour of mangoes is quite subtle, we think the grenadine and the lime work really well in this Prosecco slushie as long as you don’t add too much and overpower the mango flavour. We’ll leave it to you to experiment!


Watermelon and Grand Rosé Slushie – What you need:

- A few handfuls of frozen watermelon chunks or fresh watermelon chunks and crushed ice

- A shot of lime flavoured vodka (or just vodka and lime juice if that’s easier)

- A lime slice

- Premier Estates Grand Rosé "Pink Prosecco"

Put the fresh/frozen watermelon into the blender and add some crushed ice if necessary. Pour in the shot of vodka and lime and then top up with Grand Rosé. Push that button and whizz yourself up a super refreshing slushie, with a bit of a kick. Pop the lime slice on the side of your tall glass.

Many of our customers refer to our Grand Rosé as "Pink Prosecco" so we thought it would be fine to include this slushie recipe with our suggestions. Obviously, the vodka can be swapped out for your favourite spirit but if you’re not really interested in the kick, fruit juice would be a perfectly adequate replacement.


The preparation time for these Prosecco Slushies is minimal and you can increase/decrease the quantity of ingredients to suit your taste. They’re great if you’re entertaining guests as you can fill a big jug and guests can serve themselves when they need a top up. You can buy refrigerated slushy making machines if you cater for larger events, which make a brilliant addition to any occasion, indoors or out, especially when the weather is warm.

Enjoy cooling down with your slushies!

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