• Introducing Our New Mini Party Pack - Little Bottles, Lots of Fun
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Introducing Our New Mini Party Pack - Little Bottles, Lots of Fun

Mini Prosecco Mini Grand Rose

Little Bottles, Lots of Fun

Mini Prosecco And Mini Grand Rosé Party Pack 

By overwhelmingly popular request, we are proud to announce the launch of our Mini Grand Rosé and Mini Prosecco Party Pack. Since the launch of our Mini "Pink Prosecco" Grand Rosé bottles last week we have been absolutely inundated with requests from our customers to offer a case containing 6 bottles of each of these mini super heroes.

These incredibly popular sparklers are enjoyed by a huge percentage of our sparkling wine buying customers, as their subtle differences seem to be equally as appealing whether our customer's preference is for a dry sparkling wine like our mini Prosecco, or something a little sweeter like our mini Grand Rosé.

5 Reasons Why These Mini 20cl Bottles So Great

1) No Need To Open A Large Bottle

When you arrive home after a hard day's work, you can quickly twist off the top of one of these tempting little mini bottles and fill your glass. No fighting with a cork and spraying your precious sparkling wine everywhere and no large bottle to leave in the fridge to go past its best and most enjoyable moment. 

2) Pop Them In An Ice Trough For Your Party Guests

You can fit loads of them into a decent sized ice trough and your guests can help themselves when their glasses are running low. No-one has to run to the fridge to fetch a large bottle which may be opened and only half consumed.

3) Make A "Pink Prosecco" Grand Rosé or Prosecco Cocktail"

Sparkling wine cocktails are so easy to make and can really enhance your enjoyment of these smashing sparklers. They can also make great conversation points at a party to make sure everyone enjoys themselves as much as possible. Follow this link for some great ideas......

4) They Make Perfect Gifts

These mini 20cl bottles make great prezzies, too. They're just right for posting, if you need to, or for popping into a little prezzy bag and paying your loved one a visit. If your chosen recipient is a sparkling wine fan then we can pretty much guarantee the smile!

5) Save Space In The Fridge Or The Picnic Basket

20cl miniature sparkling wine bottles are perfectly sized for just sliding into that corner in the fridge when it's already full up following your weekly shopping trip. If you're going on a picnic for two and you only want the one glass each of sparkling wine, they can be popped into the picnic basket where they don't take up much room and they don't mean that you have to lug a heavy basket to your chosen picnic spot.

There are already so many reasons to enjoy these mini 20cl sparkling wine bottles and just to add to the temptation, when you buy 12 bottles, you pay just £3.49 a bottle, including delivery to your door.

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