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Multi Award Winning Mini Prosecco

At Premier Estates Wine, our wine production team have poured countless hours into perfecting our Prosecco recipe and we want all of our customers to be able to enjoy their favourite sparkling wine whenever the mood takes them. For many wine fans, though, a single glass at the end of the day is all they need and they may not want to open a large bottle if it just ends up getting left in the fridge to go past its best. So, the team decided to produce a miniature Prosecco bottle containing a single 200ml glass of Prosecco; the perfect amount for enjoying a single, pleasant glass of something cold, bubbly and refreshing over lunch, or after a hard day’s work with an evening meal at home.


What makes Premier Estates Wine’s mini Prosecco bottles so special?

Mini Prosecco bottles are not exactly new in the wine world, but there is something about our mini Prosecco bottles that sets them apart from the competition. Our Prosecco is an award winning Prosecco and not just a single award from a little known wine awards ceremony of no great significance, our Prosecco has won multiple awards at the enormously prestigious International Wine and Spirit Competition and the equally highly regarded International Wine Challenge. Both of these awarding bodies conduct blind tasting sessions with some of the wine industry’s most renowned and widely experienced experts. These experts have judged our Prosecco to be of the highest quality and to receive commendations from such high calibre experts is no small achievement and makes us incredibly proud. It’s a very satisfying measure of vindication for all those months of research and production trials conducted by our team.


Do all these awards mean that I will pay more for a better standard of Prosecco?

Many online wine sellers would take advantage of the fact that they can then adorn their product bottles with award labels to tell the customer that they are buying a superior product, and then use this as leverage to charge a higher price for their product. At Premier Estates Wine, we acknowledge that our customers are the life blood of our business and if they can purchase an amazing miniature Prosecco bottle of the highest quality from our online wine website, then they will tell their friends and family who will in turn spread the word about our brand. No-one wants to be paying serious money out for something they would like to enjoy on a regular basis, so we keep our prices as fair and as competitive as we can. You can buy a case of 12 mini Prosecco bottles in our online wine shop and get a great mini Prosecco deal, paying just £41.88. That’s just £3.49 per bottle!


Mini Prosecco bottles at celebrations and parties

We supply many customers with our mini Prosecco bottles, who are planning events both small and large scale. These miniature bottles are ideal for putting into ice buckets or ice troughs which can be regularly replenished so that party guests can help themselves to a bottle to fill their glasses. This handy arrangement means that you don’t need to have a staff member on hand to fill glasses from large bottles and there is no waiting around for a drink for your guests.

When the ice troughs are running low a member of staff can then quickly open another box and pop some more mini Prosecco bottles into the ice.

Mini Prosecco deals and offers

We have some amazing mini Prosecco deals on offer for customers purchasing our sparkling wine in bulk. Just call us and ask to speak to one of our customer loyalty team about having us supply our fantastic Prosecco for your event. For your convenience, we can deliver to your venue and there will be no charge for deliveries in the majority of mainland UK. Deliveries to the Scottish Highlands and Channel Islands may attract a small charge.

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