• Prosecco and Elderflower Cocktails
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Prosecco and Elderflower Cocktails

Prosecco and Elderflower Cocktails

Floral and fruity sweetness with a little gin kick....

The sun is staying with us for a good few weeks yet it would seem, and even though the evenings are beginning to draw in a little the temperature is still high enough for us to enjoy a balmy evening in the garden relaxing by yourself or with friends watching the sun setting. As promised, we’re back with another addition to our collection of specially selected, stunning yet simple Prosecco cocktails to further enhance your enjoyment of said evening. This time we have Prosecco and Elderflower cocktails and we know you’ll enjoy this one as it can be easily tweaked to suit your taste preference.

The blend of flavours and aromas of the ingredients here, complement each other perfectly. We have lemon and lime juice, the quantities of which can be adjusted according to how tart you like your cocktail, and we have the subtle floral sweetness of elderflower cordial working with the dry Prosecco. A drop of gin gives the whole combination a bit of a kick without detracting from the gentle sweetness of this most popular of cocktails.

 Making The Cocktail

It’s important to take your time a little with this one, especially if you’re making it for the first time and don’t put in too much of any one ingredient until you’ve done a few taste tests to get it just right. You will need:

  • Premier Estates Prosecco
  • The juice of half a lemon
  • The juice of half a lime
  • Elderflower cordial
  • A shot of Gin (30ml)
  • A strawberry cut into small pieces
  • Crushed ice

1) Pop some crushed ice into a wine glass or flute and then add a little of the lemon and lime juice to begin with.

2) Add the shot of gin (feel free to use your favourite flavoured gin here, if desired).

3) Add a splash of elderflower cordial and then top up with Prosecco leaving a little room for some strawberry pieces.

4) Have a taste; you may need to add a little more elderflower cordial if it’s too tart, or you may need to add the rest of the lemon and lime juice according to your particular taste.

5) Pop in the strawberry pieces to add a hint of berry fruit to the experience.

6) Sit back, relax and enjoy. Or you can serve your guests first, whichever suits!

We would love to hear your comments on facebook or twitter when you try out this sensational Prosecco cocktail. As previously promised, we’ll keep you informed with new summer cocktail recipes as often as we are able. Please also check out our Prosecco Cocktails page for some more wonderful recipes to experiment with while the sun is shining and long may it continue!


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