• Things To Consider When Buying Wine Online
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Things To Consider When Buying Wine Online

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A few handy tips to look out for

Nowadays, companies are thinking about innovative ways to simplify the lives of their customers. Especially now that smart devices are on the rise and the big supermarkets do home deliveries for grocery orders.

The benefits of buying wine online have become so popular in this day and age. But, is this always a good thing? Not necessarily. With the rise of people that buy wine online, there are certainly a few points that need to be clear before you consider placing an order. We’ve collated these points together below.


When you buy wine online, the reviews are always one of the things to have a look at before making a purchase. As wine is a product that you normally try before committing to buying a whole case, it’s recommended to always check the reviews on a sellers website. How did other people find the wine? Do the reviews look real? How recent are the reviews?

Secondly, another useful point to have a look at is the social media of the company you’re buying wine online from. Do they allow people to review them on social media? A way to double check this is to search in Facebook for their company name, if there are no reviews this could be seen as a red flag.

Thirdly, a check on any search engine to see if this company has any independent reviews is a great way to check as well. A search term we recommend is ‘Buy wine online from NAME OF COMPANY’, or ‘Reviews NAME OF COMPANY’. This way you can have a look at what other people are writing about the company you’d like to order wine online from.


Website Speed:
Another great way to tell if the company you’re ordering wine online from is a good company is to check if the speed of their website is fast. Slow page loading times, outdated blog posts, pictures that don’t look professional are red flags and should probably be steered clear of. Be careful of ordering wine online from websites like this, however good the price may be.


Delivery terms:
Much of the online wine buying craze has to do with the speed of delivery. Customers want their wine to arrive as soon as possible. Therefore, we recommend to always have a look at the delivery terms. Do they do next-day delivery, or even same day delivery? What costs are involved in this? Do you actually end up paying more for your wine because of the delivery terms?

A smart trick that some online wine stores are doing is that when you want to buy, they will add an overpriced delivery cost on top of the product that you’re buying. In this instance, imagine a bottle of wine costs you £8.00, but you have to pay £7.00 for delivery costs, you end up paying £15 for your bottle of wine. At our webstore, all deliveries are free of charge and there are no hidden costs involved. So unless you like to throw away money, always have a look at the delivery terms before committing.


Ease of ordering:
For a shopkeeper, shopping is about creating an experience and not just about selling a product. It can be difficult to buy wine online from a website that simply isn’t logically organised. Is it easy to navigate through the website? Is it easy to place an order? Is everything located where you expect it? Do you get an annoying big pop-up in the way? The ease of ordering is another important factor to tell if a wine store is a professional seller or if they're not.


Photos from the labels:
Pictures give a website the feeling of a true wine store and shoppers really love to see the labels of the wine that they are buying. Are these pictures clearly represented? Do they look professional? If you can’t find any clear pictures of the bottles and labels then we recommend looking elsewhere as in a worse case scenario, it could be a fraudulent website.


Now that we’ve had a look at the different factors to consider when you buy wine online, we hope that it's all a bit clearer for you. At Premier Estates Wine we know that all these factors play a very important role and we therefore update our website on a regular basis. We ensure that all transactions are safe, that our reviews are real and that we provide free next day delivery to our customers. Why not take a look at our webstore today?


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  • Post author
    Bram Colaris