• What To Expect From The Wine Industry in 2018
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What To Expect From The Wine Industry in 2018

New Year 2018 Wine Industry Expectations

2018 looks to be exciting for Premier Estates Wine

The last few years have seen consumers become much more wine savvy and adventurous. They’re asking some interesting questions and showing a lot more interest in where their wine comes from and how it’s made.

This is brilliant for us as we love nothing more than to tell people all about our multi award winning wine range including our Sparkling Prosecco, Cava, Grand Rosé and top quality still wines. We’re extremely proud of how fantastically our wine development and production teams have progressed since the brand was in its infancy. The last few years have seen our whole range of wines winning multiple awards for quality from some extremely prestigious organisations such as the International Wine Challenge (IWC), the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) and the Decanter Wine Awards.

So, what can we look forward to in the wine industry over the next 12 months?

Buying Wine Online Is Growing Exponentially

Although 2017 had its fair share of challenges with late frosts, water shortages and wildfires wreaking havoc in wine regions all over the world from the U.S. to Europe, the Premier Estates Wine team managed to successfully negotiate their way through without the grape supply limitations having a negative effect on the business.

Being an online wine supplier, we have, in fact, seen the tremendous growth in consumers buying wine online. It would seem that as wine consumers become better informed and more assured of what they like, they are more than happy to commit to buying a case of wine that they know they will enjoy. The fact that our wines are multi award winners only reinforces their confidence in our brand.

Our online wine competition is also growing and new brands were appearing and disappearing throughout 2017. Our strength, resilience and growth have been based on consumer confidence gained from our awards from high profile industry bodies.

Rosé Wine Sales Are On The Rocket

Sales of our Sparkling Grand Rosé, Californian Zinfandel Rosé, Italian Pinot Grigio Blush and South African Shiraz Rosé saw an amazing rise during 2017, even better than in previous years. Wine is constantly gaining popularity amongst UK drinkers and our rosé wines are seen as a perfect entry point into the world of wine with their combined attractive strengths of affordability and high quality. The fact that they can be enticingly paired with just about any sort of food and are also great on their own, only serves to make them an even more attractive tipple to enjoy with friends or at the end of a tough day’s work.

Mini Prosecco Bottles Will Be Big In 2018

Our customers loved our 20cl mini Prosecco bottles all the way through 2017 as they’re just so convenient. If you don’t want to open a whole 70cl bottle of Prosecco and leave it in the fridge all week, our mini’s are perfect. One bottle equals one glass and the screw cap makes it even simpler to enjoy a crisp, perfectly fresh glass of Prosecco after a difficult Monday and a manic Friday. Our Mini Prosecco’s are also great for parties where they can be stashed in ice troughs and guests can grab one when they want without having to wait for a 70cl bottle to be popped.

Global Climate Change Is Having A Major Effect On The World’s Vineyards

The shifts in regional average seasonal temperatures that are being experienced by winemakers all over the world are leading to vineyards being restructured and the movements of vines to higher or lower slopes. This can have quite a significant effect on the characteristics of grapes which is great in terms of allowing for the experimentation with new grape varieties, but means that winemakers who are hoping to maintain consistency in a wine brand will have their work cut out with regards to blending grape varieties.

Our wine production team will be embracing the exciting opportunities that arise from this situation and will be exploiting the variance in grape characteristics to further enhance all our wines. We’re all about affordable, award winning wines at Premier Estates Wine, and we’re confident that the experience of our team in this regard will shine through in our 2018 wines.

The Sparkling Wine Market Is Expanding In Some Interesting Regions

Our Spanish Cava is the latest product in our sparkling wine range to see an increase in interest and sales. Premier Estates Prosecco and Grand Rosé continue to be as popular as ever, but we’re seeing an increasing number of customers who are expanding their knowledge of sparkling wines and are exploring different products, asking a range of questions about the origin and characteristics of our Cava. It’s an obvious choice for customers who are already aware of the high quality of our sparkling wines as our Cava has also won many awards including a silver award at the 2017 International Wine and Spirits Competition and a bronze award at the first of the 2018 International Wine Challenge tranches.

Vineyard Technological Enhancements and Developments Are Continuing To Improve Grape Crops and Wine Production Techniques

The use of ultra-modern technology in many of the world’s longest established vineyards looks set to see some major investment and improvement over 2018. Maximising grape crop quality will be of paramount importance following poor harvests in previous years. The automation of many traditionally manual activities in vineyards such as weeding and grape crushing will see increased use as well as the latest systems used to monitor vine characteristics in great detail following some amazing crop and money saving success stories in California during 2017.

2018 is going to be a tremendous year for the wine industry and for the Premier Estates Wine team and we’ll be sure to share details of all of our activities and interesting industry news snippets on our blog. Please check back regularly!

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