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Here at Premier Estates wine we are rapidly building a very large customer base and the majority of our customers buy our wines from our website, regularly. We appreciate that the wine industry is huge and there is so much variety and choice out there, we know that there are an enormous number of wine producers who make wonderful wines, just as we do.

So how do we go about standing out from the crowd?

Wine deals, more wine deals and yet more wine deals

Our wine production team work incredibly hard to produce our range of wines to the highest of standards whilst keeping them affordable and accessible to UK wine drinkers who may not be experts, but just enjoy a good bottle of wine. We love telling the World about the awards that our wines have won from the most prestigious of organisations, but once more, were not the only company who have won awards. We love our customers and we want them to keep coming back for more, so we offer them regular wine deals to keep them enthusiastic about the brand and to introduce them to varietals that they may not have tried before, but we know they’ll enjoy just as much as their regular orders.

To enable us to offer the best and most appropriate wine deals, we ask our customers to register their email addresses with us so that we can keep them informed about both long and short term offers and about wine deals that are most appropriate for them. We regularly have offers available to subscribers to celebrate the various special days on the UK calendar. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are often made special by sending your loved one a nice bottle of wine and, obviously, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations usually involve wine too. We can help make the celebrations all the more sweet by offering you great wine deals and saving you some money at these expensive times of the year, especially when our wine is delivered free of charge in the UK whether you're ordering a case of 6 bottles or just a single bottle of wine.

Occasionally, we will have a bumper crop of grapes which allows us to produce more wine than we would usually at a particular point in the year. We love to take these opportunities to present our customers with special wine deals. Our production costs are lower, the more wine we produce and we want to share this good fortune with our loyal customers. We also negotiate great prices with our suppliers on occasion and, again, this allows us to pass on the savings we make, to our customer base.

Exclusive deals for our newsletter subscribers

As a special “Thank You” for showing interest in our brand and our wines by subscribing to our newsletter, we occasionally make wine deals available exclusively to our subscribers. There are also great deals available to customers who refer their friends and family to our website, when they place their first order.

No spam deals, just wine deals

There would be little worse than receiving spam when all you want is wine. We don’t bombard our subscribers with spam emails and if, for some reason, a customer decides that they don’t want to receive emails about our latest wine deals any more, then there is a prominent link in the email body which they can click to instantly unsubscribe. There’s nothing stopping them subscribing again at some point in the future, though.

Data protection and security

At Premier Estates Wine, we are serious about customer care and we will never disclose your email details to any third parties for marketing purposes. All customer email information is stored on highly secure servers. We have been trusted with our customer’s personal information and so we do all we can to prove ourselves trustworthy by taking the most appropriate steps to secure and respect that information.

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