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Get Refreshed

When you’re sitting on your garden furniture admiring your neat, freshly mowed lawn, there’s nothing quite so appealing as sipping a glass of your favourite summer wine. When our team of wine experts are working on a particular wine, a lot of consideration is given to the refreshment factor and satisfaction experienced when drinking the wine. This means a lot of wine has to be consumed (sounds like a dream job to us!) and in different conditions. We want our wine to be wonderful whatever the weather, not just a summer wine or a winter wine. To accomplish this, our team observe how the wine appeals to the senses depending upon the temperature associated with the time of year. Traditionally, red wine is seen as being more of a winter wine, white wine as being a winter or summer wine and rosé as being more of a summer wine. But, there are definitely red wines that can be described as perfectly appreciable summer wines.

Fruity reds make great summer wines

Premier Estates award winning South African Pinotage, for example, can be chilled in the fridge for half an hour and served as a bright, refreshing red summer wine. The main reasons for its summer appeal are that it is a lightly oaked red which produces a lighter, fruitier wine. Its deep, rich berry flavours complement barbequed food perfectly and most especially, spicy red meats with rich sauces. Red wine made from the Pinotage grape is not overly powerful or heavy and is often used to make sparkling red wines which are also becoming incredibly popular summer wines.

The alcohol content of a wine can also have more of an effect in warmer weather and so our Pinotage has a lower alcohol level of 13 so that the wine is less likely to go “straight to your head” when a couple of glasses are consumed on a hot summer’s day.

Rosé: The traditional summer wine

Rosé wines have always been a popular summer choice to perfectly complement those outdoor picnics and barbecues, and Premier Estates Wine’s rosés are no exception. We always see a marked rise in sales of our rosé wines starting in the springtime and reducing slightly towards the end of September as the weather changes.

Firstly, we have our fruity, refreshing Italian Pinot Grigio Blush with its pleasant cherry aroma and its versatility as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to light summer dishes such as salads and white meat dishes. This rosé always seems to appeal to those who like a glass of dry white as a rule, but just fancy something a little more fruity and summery for a change, whilst retaining the dry wine qualities.

We also offer two New World rosés; our Californian Zinfandel Rosé and our South African Shiraz Rosé.

Our Zinfandel is a typically popular wine at this time of year, which epitomises why rosé is considered as more of a summer wine. It’s a medium sweet wine with a low alcohol content of just 10.5% vol. making it perfect for drinking in the garden on a hot, sunny afternoon or evening. It’s also the perfect rosé for accompanying barbecued food.

Our South African Shiraz Rosé appeals particularly to those who like a wine with a more crisp finish and sumptuous berry flavours. It pairs wonderfully with fish dishes, particularly salmon or shellfish.

Sparkling Wines: Always a popular summer choice

Unless you have an aversion to bubbles, which wine drinker wouldn’t enjoy a decadent glass of fizzy wine on a summer’s day? We always have great summer wine deals on our multi award winning Prosecco and Cava, both of which are incredibly popular wines for treating wedding guests or at garden parties. If you fancy going all out with your summer wine, why not combine sparkling wine with rosé and try a bottle of our Grand Rosé?

Here’s to a long hot summer and plenty of summer wine!  

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